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INTA Practice Guides

Save time and money in your daily practice with practical, on-the-ground information covering trademark and related areas of law throughout the world.

Our extensive and much-used guides provide essential jurisdiction-specific details about trademark protection, opposition, cancellation, enforcement, the Madrid System, geographical indications, and trade dress. Search each guide by jurisdiction or by topic.

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INTA Bulletin

We’ve changed up the INTA Bulletin to bring you news more often and in a fresh format. The revamp coincides with our new website (launched June 25, 2020), and is part of our multi-year digital transformation project.

Look for current and archived content from the INTA Bulletin in the Perspectives and INTA News sections of our website, and via search.

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Practice Tools

Our range of reference and training tools can help you and your team efficiently manage specific tasks and myriad details.

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Fact Sheets

We give you the facts that answer fundamental questions about trademark and related rights to support your day-to-day practice. We encourage you to share copies of individual Fact Sheets in response to client inquiries. Please use this copyright notice: © International Trademark Association (INTA). Reprinted with kind permission.

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Quick-Start Trademark Chart

Get instant answers to the most frequently asked trademark questions across 120 jurisdictions around the world. Then click through the hyperlinks in the chart to access our other resources that provide more in-depth information. You can also print out mini-charts with the responses for just one question or jurisdiction.

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Live & On-Demand Webcasts

This dynamic e-learning platform covers everything from Trademark Basics to the latest issues engaging our community. A wide range of speakers from around the world present solutions-oriented ideas, big-picture perspectives, and inspirational talks. With live and on-demand offerings, INTA TO-GO is easily accessible anytime, anywhere.

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Mediation can be an effective way to resolve trademark disputes. Find out more about our Panel of Trademark Mediators.

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Pro Bono Clearinghouse

We connect our members who volunteer to provide legal services at no charge with eligible clients in need of trademark support, such as low-income individuals, small-to-medium enterprises, and nonprofit organizations with limited budgets. This program, one of our initiatives to help create a better society, is the only one of its kind dedicated primarily to trademarks.

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Search Our Member Network of Trademark and IP Professionals

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Find (Or Fill) Your Next Job Opportunity

We connect talent to trademark-related opportunities around the world. As an industry resource, our Job Bank is open to all candidates and includes positions for attorneys, non-attorneys, and interns.

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For Consumers

With trademarks impacting so many aspects of daily life, consumers—whether they realize it or not—can benefit from understanding this intellectual property right and taking a closer look at brands.

We provide the basics and explain hot-button issues such as counterfeiting in language that resonates with them.

For Consumers

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