International Certificate Program: The Lifecycle of a Trademark

The Lifecycle of a Trademark International Certificate Program

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Unlock the World of Trademarks with the International Certificate Course

In an increasingly interconnected world, understanding the processes of trademark registration globally is more crucial than ever. Whether you’re starting your journey or refreshing your expertise, this program is designed to prepare you for success in today’s global landscape.

Through practical applications, real-world case studies, and a strong emphasis on the importance of thorough trademark searches, this course will help you become a more well-rounded brand professional.

This program is proudly presented by the 2022-2023 Academic Committee.

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Preliminary Clearance

Grasp the crucial initial steps in assessing the feasibility of a trademark in your chosen region.

Full Search

Conduct comprehensive searches to identify potential conflicts and risks associated with your mark.


Explore the financial aspects involved in the trademark clearance process.

Filing Efficiencies Offered by Regional Treaties

Learn about the benefits and efficiencies that regional treaties offer for trademark registration.


Examine the significance of the mark’s actual usage in the clearance process.

Overcoming Objections

Strategize approaches to surmount objections and challenges during the clearance process.


Understand the procedures and requirements for renewing a trademark in the region.


Appreciate the importance of safeguarding a registered trademark against infringement and unauthorized usage.

Register User/Licensee

Explore the possibilities of registering users or licensees for your mark.

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