Industry Groups

If you’re a Regular Member (Corporate), we invite you to participate in an INTA Industry Group, where you will have the opportunity to meet and benchmark on common issues relevant to your industry.

In addition to expanding your network of industry colleagues, Industry Groups offer you the opportunity to exchange ideas, best practices, and insights with your industry peers.

We recognize that many of you might be attending the Annual Meeting or Leadership Meeting as a result of your committee participation. This is an opportunity to also join an Industry Group meeting taking place at the same Meeting, or make a plan to have one. We also recommend scheduling conference calls or ad hoc meetings to keep the momentum going within your group.

To learn more about participation, please read the Rules of Participation and the INTA Industry Group Competition Law Compliance Policy & Reminder.

Given the broad scope of our INTA Industry Categories, we welcome your assistance in forming sub-industry categories based on your industry’s needs

If you’re currently involved in an informal group that would like to become an INTA Industry Group or interested in participating in a new Industry Group, or you have other suggestions, contact us and include your name, your organization, and your industry.