For SMEs

Your product/service is your business. Your brand is your image. IP protects both. Don’t skIP it!

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Are You an SME or an Entrepreneur?

What’s an SME/entrepreneur?

Regardless of the exact terminology or definitions, small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs play a crucial role in the global economy.

The terms used to describe these businesses can vary, and might also include small and medium businesses, micro-businesses, and more. The attributes that qualify a business as being an SME also vary significantly across the globe, but the standards are typically based on revenue size and/or number of employees.

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Need Help With Trademark Protection?

The Pro Bono Clearinghouse can help. It’s free of charge. If you qualify, you’ll be put in contact with an IP professional who can assist with your trademark issues.

The Clearinghouse serves low-income individuals, small- to medium-enterprises, and not-for-profit, and nonprofit or charitable organizations with low operating budgets that might not otherwise have affordable access to legal assistance.

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