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March–April 2022 (Vol. 112 No. 2)

This ninth Annual Review of European Trademark Law contains highlights of European trademark cases of 2021 at both European Union (“EU”) and national courts of member states as well as a number of territories beyond the EU. This Review therefore is both the ninth edition of the EU Annual Review, and the first edition of the European Annual Review.

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When we launder our desire for civil rights and equality through the lens of branding culture, everything, even resistance, becomes commodified.

Sonia K. Katyal, Berkeley Law School, USA Brands Behaving Badly, 109 TMR 827–28 (2019)

Featured Articles | November–December, 2021 (Vol. 111 No. 6)

Cultural Misappropriation: What Should the United States Do?

Author: Lauren M. Ingram 

In this Ladas Memorial Award-winning article, the author addresses the current debate on cultural misappropriation—the aping or commodification of some unique cultural aspect of a marginalized community by members of the dominant culture, without consent or against the will of the original community.

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The Lanham Act’s Immoral or Scandalous Provision: Down, but Not Out

Author: Michael Stephenson

In this Ladas Memorial Award-winning article, the author considers the potential for a “Wild West” of obscene, profane, and vulgar trademarks used and registered in the United States following the United States Supreme Court’s decisions in Matal v. Tam and Iancu v. Brunetti.

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Book Review: Likelihood of Confusion in Trademark Law. Richard L. Kirkpatrick.

Author: Raffi Zerounian

The reviewer of this book finds this one-volume treatise on likelihood of confusion to be a practice-elevating resource that has deep and well-organized analysis and case law that would benefit even the most experienced practitioner.

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