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July–August, 2021  (Vol. 111, No. 4)

In this issue of The Trademark Reporter (TMR), we offer our readers an article exploring how the mismatch between market reality and European Union trademark law permits “copycats” to escape traditional trademark infringement tests, a commentary responding to a previously published TMR piece on trademark dilution, and a review of a comprehensive one-volume treatise on Canadian unfair competition law.

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When we launder our desire for civil rights and equality through the lens of branding culture, everything, even resistance, becomes commodified.

Sonia K. Katyal, Berkeley Law School, USA Brands Behaving Badly, 109 TMR 827–28 (2019)

Featured Articles | July–August, 2021 (Vol. 111 No. 4)

The Siren Song of the Subtle Copycat—Revisiting Trademark Law with Insights from Consumer Research

Authors: Martin Senftleben and Femke van Horen 

In this article, the authors examine how the mismatch between market reality and European Union trademark law permits “copycats” with a subtle imitation strategy to slink away (as it were) from applicable infringement tests.  

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Commentary: Response to the Commentary Entitled “The Science of Proving Trademark Dilution” 

Author: Hal Poret 

In this commentary that continues the TMR’s tradition of authors engaging in a robust and respectful dialogue about issues of importance, the author argues the methodologies proposed in “The Science of Proving Trademark Dilution,” 109 TMR 955 (2019), fail to meaningfully test for likelihood of dilution. 

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Book Review: The Canadian Law of Unfair Competition, by Daniel R. Bereskin 

Author: Julian Bibb 

The reviewer of this book on the Canadian law of unfair competition finds that the author’s critical commentary and thoughtful observation make this one-volume treatise indispensable.

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