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collapse 2020
April 7INTA Establishes Donation Drive in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic
As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads around the world, INTA is calling on our members to kindly collaborate to help make a difference and to demonstrate our strength as a community and our hearts as global citizens. The Association has established a donation drive— INTA Community Cares: COVID-19 Donation Campaign—which will fund the purchase and distribution of masks and other personal protective equipment to public hospitals and/or nonprofit organizations, and/or contribute monies to local charitable organizations assisting healthcare institutions and the public in dealing with COVID-19. Learn more and donate today.
April 6INSIDE INTA Video Series Features Updates from Asia-Pacific Region
Seth Hays, INTA’s Chief Representative Officer, Asia-Pacific and China, is featured in a new episode of the INSIDE INTA video series. He provides an update on the Association’s recent policy and advocacy activities in the region. Watch INSIDE INTA videos on Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
April 6Belonging to INTA Means Opportunity to Advance Your Professional Career
To Brenda Zhao, Senior Partner at Corner Stone & Partners, Beijing, China, belonging to INTA means “opportunity.”  In this video, Ms. Zhao explains how INTA has helped her advance her professional career through committee work. INTA members also appreciate the other valuable benefits of being a part of the Association. Join or renew your INTA membership today
April 3New INSIDE INTA Episode Looks at Enforcement Committee’s Priorities in China
Matthew Johnson, INTA’s Coordinator, External Relations, Enforcement and Internet Policy, discusses the main priorities in China for INTA’s Enforcement Committee in a video in the INSIDE INTA series. Watch INSIDE INTA videos on the Association’s Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and LinkedIn platforms.
April 3New INTA Bulletin Article Urges Brands to Be Transparent When Collecting Data
Transparency and caution around data collection should be the starting point for any brand owner offering devices and services that collect consumer data, according to an article in the latest edition of the INTA Bulletin. The article explores how the United States, Peru, and India—three jurisdictions that have all experienced recent changes to their data privacy laws—are handling this complex issue. 
April 2INTA CEO Announces Details About INTA’s 2020 Annual Meeting & Leadership Meeting
INTA has announced that it is holding  its 2020 Annual Meeting and Leadership Meeting on November 16-20 in Houston, Texas. Registration will open in early June. Listen to  INTA CEO Etienne Sanz de Acedo’s announcement in this video.  Activities will begin on Sunday, November 15 for those eligible to attend the Leadership Meeting (INTA members in leadership positions, sitting on committees, advisory councils, and project teams). More details to come.
April 2Brand & New Podcast Looks at Need for Opportunity, Mentorship, and Visibility for Women in IP
As part of the Women in IP series on INTA’s podcast, Brand & New, the latest episode features Cristina Carvalho (Managing Partner, Arent Fox LLP, Washington, D.C.). She discusses challenges she faced rising to her position and the need for opportunity, mentorship, and visibility for women in intellectual property (IP). Additionally, learn more about INTA’s new “The Women’s LeadershIP Initiative,” designed to foster the development of strong leadership skills for women in the IP field.
March 31INTA Unveils New Platform Featuring On-Demand Education and Live Webcasts
INTA has launched our new INTA TO-GO platform featuring on-demand education and live webcasts and includes existing favorites plus enhanced content. Stay tuned for new offerings! In this week’s featured webcast, we address an invaluable topic during these challenging times—“Mental Health in Your Workplace: How to Be Part of the Solution.”  This specific webcast is exclusive to INTA members; it is free but registration is required.  All INTA TO-GO offerings are available on any device. Learn more about the INTA TO-GO platform here
March 31New INTA Report Highlights Brands’ Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility
Commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives is generally high among INTA members, with organizations overwhelmingly recognizing that it is their social obligation to positively impact global issues and give back to the community, according to the results of a new report released by the Association on March 31. The Brands and CSR Survey Report notes that 84 percent of respondents agreed that CSR policies and adopting sustainability principles as an operational priority “constitutes good economic practice.” 
March 31INSIDE INTA Video Series Highlights Counterfeit Risks During COVID-19 Outbreak
In a new episode of the INSIDE INTA video series, Maysa Razavi, INTA’s Manager, Anticounterfeiting, cautions about the spread of counterfeit products such as medical equipment during the COVID-19 outbreak, and notes how Association members can help curb this trend. “We all need to work together to keep consumers safe,” she says. 
March 30INTA Members Warn about Dangers of Counterfeits
As counterfeit products continue to be a worldwide scourge, and especially as fake goods related to the COVID-19 pandemic are surfacing, check out a playlist of videos from the INTA Insights series featuring INTA members who highlight the challenges and dangers of this trend. Among the warnings, experts stress counterfeit products can pose significant health and safety risks
March 30INSIDE INTA Video Series Provides Association Updates from Employees and Insiders
Get an inside look at part of the virtual meeting of INTA’s Strategic Partnerships and Economic Research team, which includes updates about the Association’s upcoming Brand Restrictions Attitudinal Study and the Unreal Campaign, as part of INTA's INSIDE INTA video series! 
March 30INTA Country Guides Provide Practical Information in Easily Digestible Format
INTA’s Country Guides: Essential Information on Trademark Protection Worldwide is a searchable guide of country profiles, offering basic, practical information on trademark filing, prosecution, registration, and maintenance. Updated in February 2020, Country Guides is an exclusive member benefit. For access to this invaluable searchable guide and others, join or renew your INTA membership today!
March 30Belonging to INTA Means ‘Truly Practicing Intellectual Property’
To Marcos Mercado (Guevara & Gutiérrez S.C., La Paz, Bolivia), belonging to INTA means “truly practicing intellectual property.” In this video, he discusses challenges he faces in Latin America and how INTA’s network and resources help him address them. Join INTA or renew your membership today
March 27INSIDE INTA Video Series Features an Update from the Association’s China Office
Monica Su, INTA Representative, China Office, provides an update from China, in the latest episode of the Association’s INSIDE INTA video series. She offers an inside look at the COVID-19 situation, including its impact on the China IP Office, and discusses the work of INTA’s regional office there. Keep an eye out on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube, for more INSIDE INTA videos featuring Association staff and volunteers from around the world. 
March 27Explore Deep Catalogue of Brand & New Hot Topic Episodes
Find out why INTA’s Brand & New podcast is, according to one reviewer, “a fantastic way to keep up with intellectual property news.”  Explore the rich catalogue of episodes featuring interviews with experts, visionaries, and influential professionals from all over the world on hot topics related to the intellectual property industry. Just one example from the archives: A pair of prominent leadership coaches discusses the mindset and (soft) skills lawyers need to thrive in the fast-evolving environment (posted February 26, 2019). Listen on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher
March 27Join an INTA Industry Group to Discuss Common Issues
INTA invites Regular Members to join an INTA Industry Group, where you will have the opportunity to meet and benchmark on common issues relevant to your specific industry. In addition to expanding your professional network, Industry Groups offer common ground to exchange ideas, best practices, and insights with colleagues. Currently, INTA has established seven Industry Groups, and the Association invites Regular Members to suggest additional groups to serve their industries. Learn more.  
March 27The Trademark Reporter Presents Annual Review of U.S. Trademark Case Law
Check out the latest issue of The Trademark Reporter, INTA’s scholarly journal. The United States Annual Review: The Seventy-Second Year of Administration of the Lanham Act of 1946 is a review of trademark cases in the United States for the year of Lanham Act administration (approximately July 2018–June 2019), arranged in three parts: ex parte appeals; inter partes proceedings; and litigation in the federal courts and state courts of general jurisdiction.
March 25See what Belonging to INTA Means to Different Association Members
Belonging to INTA means different things to all of our members. To Diane Lau (Facebook, USA), belonging to the Association means “community.”  In this video, she explains further. INTA members also benefit from access to in-depth legal resources, a discount of up to 30 percent on INTA’s online and in-person educational programs, and much more. Join INTA, or renew your INTA membership today!
March 25Register for INTA Webcast: Empowering Indigenous Communities to Use IP Strategically
Register today for a new INTA webcast, “Empowering Indigenous Communities to Make Strategic Use of Intellectual Property,” taking place on April 6 at 11 am (EDT). The expert panel on this live webcast will provide an introduction to the intersection between indigenous rights (and traditional knowledge) and trademarks (and other intellectual property rights). 
March 25Chief Governance Officer Randi Mustello Discusses INTA's Virtual Board of Directors Meeting
Randi Mustello, INTA’s Chief Governance Officer, reports on some key initiatives discussed at the Association’s first-ever virtual Board of Directors Meeting on March 18, on the latest edition of the INSIDE INTA video series.
March 24INSIDE INTA Video Series Looks at Updates from Association Insiders
Hélène Nicora, Chief Representative Officer, Europe, provides an update on Brexit, IP Office closures, and IP legislation in the EU, for the latest installment of the INSIDE INTA video series. The first installment featuring José Luis Londoño, INTA Chief Representative Officer, Latin America and the Caribbean is here.
March 23INTA Releases Brexit Fact Sheet for Practitioners
Now that we are well into Brexit’s Transition Period, INTA has published a very practical “Brexit Fact Sheet for Practitioners,” to provide all the basic information about the implications of Brexit for brand owners and intellectual property professionals during the Transition Period—February 1, 2020, to December 31, 2020—as well as after it expires. The fact sheet also provides some useful housekeeping tips and areas where you may want to consider obtaining legal advice, and highlights issues to look out for where the full or final details are not yet known.
March 23INTA President Ayala Deutsch Sends an Update to Association Members
Watch this video message to Association members from INTA President Ayala Deutsch (NBA Properties Inc., USA) in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Ms. Deutsch emphasizes that the health of members and staff is top of mind, and that the work of the Association will continue as INTA staff members work remotely during this global crisis.
March 23Check IP Office Websites for Latest Operational Changes
In order to stay informed about closures and changes in procedures, extensions, deadlines, etc., at Intellectual Property (IP) Offices in various jurisdictions, in light of the COVID-19 outbreak, INTA suggests the following: 1) Visit the website of the relevant IP Office. This is the most direct source of information. 2) Contact local counsel. 3) Watch INTA’s social media posts, which will reflect information from various IP Office websites: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, WeChat, and YouTube  Again, the most up-to-date information comes directly from the IP Offices themselves—so check there frequently given the rapidly evolving developments with COVID-19.
March 23INSIDE INTA Video Series Looks at Updates from Association Insiders
INSIDE INTA: José Luis Londoño, INTA Chief Representative Officer, Latin America and the Caribbean, looks at the LATAM Office’s recent activities, in the first installment of our new “INSIDE INTA” video series. Watch for more updates from INTA insiders!
March 20Volunteer for INTA’s Pro Bono Clearinghouse to Raise Law Firm Visibility
Looking to raise the visibility of your law firm and help the career development of attorneys at your organization? Volunteer with INTA’s Pro Bono Clearinghouse, which matches eligible clients based in the United States who are facing trademark issues with U.S.-based INTA member attorneys who provide legal services free of charge. For more information about volunteering, contact Stacey Sutton, Associate, Pro Bono Program, at .  
March 20Law Students Visit INTA’s Europe Office for Overview of INTA’s Efforts and Trademark Basics
INTA’s Europe Office in Brussels, Belgium, hosted more than 20 law students from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece on March 11 as part of the European Law Students’ Association (ELSA) Study Visits program. The program brings European law students to different legal institutions throughout the European Union. A new blog post outlines what the students learned during their visit, including trademark law basics and information about INTA’s academic initiatives and the Unreal Campaign
March 19INTA Holds First Virtual Board of Directors Meeting
INTA held its first-ever virtual Board of Directors meeting on March 18, with Board Members videoconferencing in from around the world to hear Association updates and discuss pressing issues facing the intellectual property community. “It was an extremely engaging discussion, as always, on the state of the Association and on strategic planning for the future,” said INTA CEO Etienne Sanz de Acedo.
March 18Belonging to INTA Means Expanding Your Professional Network
Belonging to INTA means different things to different members. To Chinwe Ogban (Jackson, Etti & Edu, Lagos, Nigeria) belonging to INTA means growing her professional network. In this video, Ms. Ogban shares how INTA’s expansive network has helped her address some of the day-to-day issues she faces as an attorney. Join INTA, or renew your INTA membership today
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