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Whether you have a small or larger team, you face deadlines or have projects that need solutions. An INTA membership can provide you with resources that provide practical and time-saving tools, and professional and personal development practices that can enhance your skills across your organization.

Comprised of brand owners and trademark professionals. INTA works diligently to ensure that all our members are receiving innovative and current education, the benefits of our advocacy efforts, high-quality resources and ongoing experiences for networking and business development.

Membership in INTA is organization and location-specific, so your entire team has the ability to benefit from this investment. The ability to benchmark with your peers from similar or different industries while preparing for the future is a vital part of any team today. 

To learn more about an INTA Membership please visit our
Become a Member Page or contact Member Operations ( and we will set up a call to provide more information and an online resources overview.

INTA is a global association of brand owners and professionals, and is comprised of members who work diligently to ensure that all members are receiving innovative and current education, and the benefits of our advocacy efforts, high-quality resources, and ongoing experiences for networking and business development.

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INTA’s membership directory provides you with global exposure to the INTA trademark and IP community.
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Get immediate access to INTA’s online resources that will help you save time and money.
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Connect with like-minded stakeholders who face the same challenges you do and expand your global network of trademark/IP professionals.
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Enhance your knowledge and grow professionally through INTA’s meetings and conferences, covering industry, regional, and issue-related sessions.
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Join Our Community!

Review INTA's Member Brochure. INTA’s members are more than 7,000 organizations from 187 countries. Member organizations represent some 30,000 trademark professionals and include brand owners from major corporations as well as small- and medium-sized enterprises, law firms and nonprofits.

There are also government members as well as individual, professor and student members. An exclusive community that shapes, supports, and advances trademarks and related intellectual property.

INTA members collectively contribute almost US $12 trillion / €8.8 trillion / ¥73 trillion to global GDP annually. 116 of the Global 500 are members with 89 being based in the US. 20 of the top 50 Global Fortune 500 companies are INTA members. 35 of the top 100 Global Fortune 500 companies are INTA members.

6 of the top 10 Global Fortune 500 companies are all INTA members. 63% of our member organizations are outside of North America.

Already a Member?

Access the INTA Membership Directory and complete your Membership Biography to highlight your business expertise. It's easy and will promote networking with new contacts.

Not listed in the Membership Directory? If you are not the Designee for your organization or serving on an INTA committee, consider an Additional Directory Listing (ADL). ADLs allow INTA members to have their contact information listed and searchable in the INTA Membership Directory.

This is a great way to attract potential new clients and network with current INTA members. 

The cost is only US$250 per name and there is no limit on how many names can be listed. ADLs can be purchased in our online application system. 

If you have any questions regarding INTA Membership or how to join, please contact INTA Member Operations or call +1-212-642-1700.