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Programs and Events
2020 Europe Conference

2020 Europe Conference:
Brands, Sports, and Esports: A Brand (R)evolution

February 17–18, 2020  

Traditional sports continue to impact our lives on a daily basis—with the excitement of numerous tournaments and championship games, the reach of players around the world off the field, and the visibility of social issues like equal pay for players. It is estimated that Football has a global followership of more than 4 billion fans and viewers. Nothing can replace the passion for traditional sports, but the booming industry of esports is tapping into a new generation of fans, players, and formats, and already reaching more the 395 million viewers—and growing every day. With the increase in viewers, there has also been an influx in revenue to the esports industry, as brands are recognizing not only the potential, but the potential value of this fast-growing industry. 

A brand distinguishes you from the competition. Sports and esports brands further insert you into world-class competitions, where stakes are high and issues abound. Given the steadfast, global popularity of sports, the astonishing growth of esports, and the innovative and ever-changing ways we consume BOTH, successfully building, protecting, and maintaining brand integrity starts to feel like running a parkour course! This advanced-level Conference will showcase leaders and experts across the many legal and business facets of the sports and esports industries. 

Be sure to secure your ticket to this game-changing Conference designed for sport and esport brand custodians.

The various sessions and keynotes will inform attendees about organizing major sport and esport events, hot marketing trends, using influencers, and innovative technology. Hear from brand owners, legal experts, and players from both industries, as they share their insight into topics like:

  • Building your event and brand
  • Developing the best sponsorship deal possible
  • The impact of technology on sports and esports
  • Women’s roles and impact
  • Enforcement issues
  • Other trends, case law, and hot topics 

Here is a sneak peek at just a handful of the brands already lined up to participate in the program:
  • FCBarcelona
  • Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA)
  • GoPro, Inc.
  • Intel Corporation
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • Ubisoft Entertainment