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Programs and Events
2020 New York Conference

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2020 New York Conference

Brands in Society: Their Influence and Responsibility 

March 16 –17, 2020

As borders soften and technology evolves at record speeds, brands must expand to respond to a larger, more diverse consumer base, recognizing that conversations tend to be global and touch a virtually unlimited audience. One voice, one opinion can go viral and change the world. 

Today, consumers are empowered and emboldened to share their views and help shape brands —they demand that the products and services that they purchase reflect their world views, are delivered faster and better, and that the brands they support have a social conscience.

Is this new emboldened consumer the norm or an example of the pendulum swinging too far? Can brands truly appeal to all of their consumers or do they need to choose sides? Is the brand with a conscience a fad or here to stay? How do legal teams navigate these changing norms and embrace technology and change?

Join us in New York for the Brands in Society: Their Influence and Responsibility Conference on March 16–17, 2020, as we explore:
  • The impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on legal teams
  • Delivering brand message during a social revolution
  • Building and maintaining a brand in a socially conscious world
  • Brands and Politics: Staying silent or taking sides
  • Enforcement in the court of public opinion
  • Brands and corporate social responsibility (CSR) collaborations
  • Public and private sectors working together on sustainability efforts
  • The economic benefit of CSR initiatives 
  • And more!
This advanced-level two-day program brings together key business stakeholders, sustainability and CSR experts, government officials, and legal experts, who will offer a high-level discourse on current business realities and key issues that business and legal professionals need to understand.