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July–August, 2019 Vol. 109 No. 4 Back to TMR Main Page

July–August, 2019 (Vol. 109 No. 4)

This new issue of The Trademark Reporter offers a survey both practical and scholarly of trademark parody cases, an in-depth examination of the ongoing challenges faced by single color trademarks in the European Union (and policy options to address the issue), and a provocative commentary on the U.S. Supreme Court's decisions in Matal v. Tam and Iancu v. Brunetti challenging the reader to balance the importance of free speech in commerce against the value of diversity in society.  

Free Ride or Free Speech? Predicting Results and Providing Advice for Trademark Disputes Involving Parody
Kathleen E. McCarthy

More Than Fifty Shades of Grey: Single Colors, Position Marks, and the Self-Containment Criterion
Eugene C. Lim

Commentary: Brands Behaving Badly
Sonia K. Katyal

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