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Fact Sheets

Let INTA's Fact Sheets help you answer your basic questions about trademark and related topics.

Users are permitted to provide copies of individual fact sheets to clients in response to their queries.

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Business Names
European Union Trade Mark and Madrid Protocol Comparison
Marking Requirements
U.S. Trademark Registrations: Principal Register vs. Supplemental Register
State Trademark Registrations in the United States
Trademark Fees (Global)
Trademark Fees (United States)
Trademark Portfolio Management Strategies
Trademark Searching
Types of Protection
Certification Marks
Community Design
European Union Trade Mark
Famous and Well-Known Marks
Fluid Trademarks Fact Sheet
Geographical Indications
Nontraditional Trademarks
Service Marks
Trade Dress
Trademarks vs. Generic Terms
Maintaining a Registration
Maintenance and Renewal
Unsolicited Offers for Trademark-Related Services in the United States
Protecting a Trademark
Cancellation of a Registered Trademark
Enforcement in Social Media
Fair Use
Figurative Use (United States)
Loss of Trademark Rights
Misuse of Trademarks in Dictionaries and Style Guides
Opposing a Trademark Application
Protection of Olympic Trademarks
Trademark Dilution
Trademark Infringement
Trademark Surveys—United States and International Perspectives
Assignments, Licenses and Valuation
Brand Valuation
Trademark Assignments
Trademark Licensing
Domain Names and the Internet
Differences Between Trademarks and Domain Names
Domain Names
Online Advertising and Use of Others’ Marks
The UDRP:Alternative Dispute Resolution For Domain Name Disputes
Cross-Border Topics
Free Trade Zones
Green Advertising Guidelines in the United States and Canada
International Treaties
Madrid Protocol
Fees for International Registration Applications Under the Madrid Protocol
Parallel Imports (Gray Market Goods)


Although every effort has been made to verify the accuracy of items in INTA Fact Sheets, users are urged to check independently on matters of specific interest.