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collapse 2018
June 22INTA Releases Toolkit for WHOIS Challenges
INTA published WHOIS Challenges: A Toolkit for Intellectual Property Professionals to help trademark professionals navigate the new world of online enforcement under changes to the WHOIS global database of domain name registrants. The changes limit access to important information which, until recently, was publicly available, and enabled trademark professionals to locate and contact registrants behind websites engaged in counterfeiting, identity theft, and other criminal activities. INTA continues to advocate for an accessible, contactable and accurate WHOIS global database. The toolkit is available here, and more information on INTA’s response to the changes in the WHOIS database is available here.
June 22Sponsorship Opportunities Are Available for TMAP
Promote your brand and services directly to hundreds of trademark and IP professionals by becoming a sponsor of INTA’s Trademark Administrators and Practitioners Meeting in Orlando, Florida September 12-14. Sponsoring TMAP offers a tremendous opportunity to raise your organization’s profile. To learn more and to reserve your sponsorship, click here.
June 22Product Placement Remains a Challenge for Brand Owners in Germany
Product placement in TV programs or other works, sometimes referred to as embedded marketing, has developed into a multi-billion dollar business, with the bulk being generated in the United States. In Germany, product placement has only been legally permitted for a few years, but advertisers must stick within strict guidelines which can be a challenge for brand owners. Read the article in the latest INTA Bulletin here.
June 22Gain Tips to Address the Challenges of Starting Your Own Firm
The webcast, Becoming the CEO of Your Own Career, features a panel of IP attorneys discussing the challenges, stumbling blocks, and rewards of establishing your own law firm. Topics include social media best practices, servicing international clients, and the day-to-day challenges of running your own firm. It’s available for purchase on-demand here. Additional on-demand content is available for purchase here.
June 19Read the Latest Edition of the INTA Bulletin
The latest edition of the INTA Bulletin features articles about INTA’s 140th Annual Meeting, challenges presented by changes in the WHOIS database, Brexit negotiations, and insights into why trademark professionals should attend INTA’s 2018 Trademark Administrators and Practitioners Meeting (TMAP). Read it here.
June 19INTA’s Unreal Campaign Presented to Students in Rio de Janeiro
INTA’s Unreal Campaign which educates teens about trademarks and counterfeit goods was presented at the Liceu Franco-Brasileiro school in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on June 6, World Anticounterfeiting Day. Unreal Campaign Latin America Subcommittee Chair Marcelo Muller and INTA member Dra. Rosane Rego Tavares da Silva presented to students at the bilingual school who were eager to learn about the value of trademarks and the dangers of counterfeiting. Students were shown how counterfeiting directly impacts their lives. For more on the Unreal Campaign, click here.
June 15Register for TMAP Now For Early Bird Pricing
Trademark professionals who register for INTA’s Trademark Administrators and Practitioners Meeting (TMAP) before June 29 can take advantage of early-bird pricing. Set for September 12–14 in Orlando, Florida, TMAP will feature 13 dynamic sessions designed to empower trademark professionals with the knowledge, tools, and skills to guide their organizations through essential trademark and brand-related issues. To register, click here.
June 15Research Shows Counterfeiting Causes Staggering Economic Loss Worldwide
The counterfeit business is booming with the worldwide total value of counterfeit and pirated goods expected to reach nearly $3 trillion by 2022. Advancements in technology is one of the major reasons why. Criminals engaged in counterfeit manufacturing and sales are profiting from a digital environment where it is easier to maintain anonymity, to falsely advertise fake products, and to build new websites as quickly as identified websites are shut down. Read more in the INTA Blog here.
June 15Relive the Brands and Innovation Conference On-Demand
The INTA Brands and Innovation Conference saw leading business and legal experts discuss the impact of innovation on brands while providing practical tips for attendees to navigate new innovations and how they could benefit products, services, brands and consumers. View recorded livestreaming of the event here.
June 15INTA’s Global Report Provides Policy Updates
INTA’s Global Report provides a snapshot of recent trademark and IP-related policy developments, Association activities, and judicial and legislative issues in eight key regions worldwide. The most recent edition of the Global Report is available here.
June 8Register Now for the 2018 Asia-Pacific Conference in Sydney
Join INTA in Sydney, Australia, on October 11–12 for the 2018 Asia-Pacific Conference: Looking Beyond Trademarks—Protecting and Leveraging Your Brands for Growth. Go beyond the traditional trademark topics with a comprehensive program that will place you at the forefront of developments on issues that can affect your brand. Registration is open.
June 8INTA Representatives Speak at SME Summit in Singapore
INTA representatives attended the SME Summit: Enabling SMEs in the Digital Age on June 6 in Sentosa, Singapore—an event organized by the Asia Business Trade Association in cooperation with INTA. Speakers, including INTA Chief Representative, Asia-Pacific Seth Hays, discussed how small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) can utilize digital trade to become more competitive and better prepared for emerging opportunities. The speakers emphasized that protecting an SME’s ideas, inventions, and innovations is central in creating value for businesses.
June 8INTA Offers Anticounterfeiting Best Practices on World Anti-Counterfeiting Day
In honor of World Anti-Counterfeiting Day, which took place on June 6, INTA released its recently updated key recommendations to trademark owners and Internet-related companies on how to address the proliferation of online sales of counterfeit products. The global total value of counterfeit and pirated goods, including digital piracy, could reach US $2.8 trillion by 2022. Read more about anticounterfeiting best practices here.
June 5Watch INTA’s 140th Annual Meeting Opening Ceremonies
INTA’s 140th Annual Meeting Opening Ceremonies is now available to watch on demand. Live, or relive, presentations from Annual Meeting Co-Chairs Dana Brown Northcott (, Inc, USA), and Axel Nordemann (Boehmert and Boehmert, Germany), INTA CEO Etienne Sanz de Acedo, and INTA President Tish Berard. Catch the action here.
June 5INTA Meets with Chief Justice and President of the Supreme Court of Kenya
INTA CEO Etienne Sanz de Acedo met with Honorable Justice David K. Maraga, EGH, Chief Justice and President of the Supreme Court of Kenya on June 4 in Nairobi. Mr. Sanz de Acedo briefed Honorable Justice Maraga on the Association’s recent and forthcoming activities in the region, including the 2018 Middle East and Africa Conference: Innovation, Investment, and IP which will take place in Dubai, UAE on December 10-11. Additional discussion revolved around concrete areas of cooperation between the judiciary and INTA, including the key role of the judiciary in protecting consumers and enforcing intellectual property rights.
June 5How to Avoid Legitimizing Parallel Imports of Trademarked Goods in Brazil
Brazilian courts have ruled that parallel imports—original and genuine products that enter a country and are placed on the market without the consent of the owner of the product’s intellectual property rights—are prohibited under Brazilian law. However, there are still steps that must be taken by the IP rights holder to avoid legitimizing parallel imports of trademarked goods. For more information, read this article in the INTA Bulletin.
June 1World Anticounterfeiting Day Is June 6
World Anticounterfeiting Day is on June 6, and INTA is working diligently to bring attention to counterfeiting issues worldwide—one of the Association’s policy priorities. INTA’s ongoing efforts include awareness-raising initiatives, targeting key stakeholders and consumers. Recently, the Association published “Addressing the Sale of Counterfeits on the Internet,” which outlines voluntary best practices. The Unreal Campaign, designed for students ages 14-18, works to raise awareness on the importance of trademarks and the dangers of counterfeit goods. Additionally, INTA is sponsoring an exhibit at the National Inventors Hall of Fame Museum in Alexandria, Virginia, which provides visitors with the opportunity to compare real products with counterfeits.
June 1How the CrossFit Trademark Avoids “Genericide”
Members of INTA’s Famous and Well-Known Marks—Latin America and Caribbean Subcommittee spoke to representatives of CrossFit, Inc, a U.S.-based fitness company to learn how they combat “genericide.” Genericide occurs when a product or service is new in a particular market and the brand name, by default, becomes the generic term of reference for the product or service by the general public. Check out the INTA Bulletin interview here.
June 1Register now for the Trademark Administrators and Practitioners Meeting
Join us in Orlando, Florida, from September 12 to 14 for education, networking, and career development at INTA’s Trademark Administrators and Practitioners (TMAP) Meeting. The meeting feature 13 dynamic sessions on a wide range of topics to equip registrants with the knowledge, tools, and skills to lead their organization through essential trademark- and brand-related issues. To register and for more information, click here.
June 1On-demand Business Transactions Webcasts Are Available Now
INTA’s on-demand webcast series Business Transactions is designed to prepare trademark professionals to work with corporate transactions and commercial agreements. The series addresses major issues involving trademarks in business transactions, as well as offers relevant, practical tools and tips for practitioners. Each session runs approximately 60 to 75 minutes and is available as an individual segment or as part of a package. Find out more here.
May 25EU Data Regulation Takes Effect, INTA Pushes for Open WHOIS Directory
INTA’s advocacy efforts are in full swing with the implementation of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), effective May 25. INTA maintains that there is a vital need for continued access to an open and accurate WHOIS registrant data directory, which INTA members rely on to facilitate business and combat myriad online abuses, including counterfeiting, phishing, and fraud. For more information click here.
May 24Thank You for a Successful 140th Annual Meeting
Thank you 2018 Annual Meeting Registrants, Sponsors, Exhibitors, and Business Partners for making this the largest INTA Annual Meeting ever. Nearly 11,000 registrants gathered in Seattle, Washington for educational sessions, networking, and socializing, culminating in the Grand Finale at the Seattle Center. Safe travels to everyone traveling home from Seattle!

It’s never too early to start thinking about the next Annual Meeting. INTA’s 141st Annual Meeting will take place from May 18 – May 22, 2019 in Boston Massachusetts. Be on the lookout for more information in the coming months.
May 24The INTA Asia-Pacific Conference Coming to Syndey, Australia, on October 11-12
Join INTA in Sydney, Australia, on October 11–12 for the 2018 Asia-Pacific Conference: Looking Beyond Trademarks—Protecting and Leveraging Your Brands for Growth. Learn practical tips and tricks to strengthen your skills and knowledge so you’ll remain at the forefront of key developments while adding value to your business in a cost-effective manner. The conference’s comprehensive program will take you beyond traditional trademark topics, keeping you ahead of the curve when it comes to the many issues that can affect brands in today’s market. Registration opens here on June 6.
May 24INTA Takes Anticounterfeiting Message to Argentina, Ecuador, and Uruguay
INTA representatives traveled in April to Buenos Aires, Argentina; Tulcan, Ecuador; and Montevideo, Uruguay to support several activities led by the Anticounterfeiting Committee. In Argentina they organized a policy dialogue titled “Combatting Online Counterfeiting.” In Uruguary they attended a two day seminar called “Third Forum on Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights: The Role of Intellectual Property Offices.” In Ecuador INTA held a cross-border customs training for authorities from Colombia and Ecuador. Read more in the INTA Bulletin here.

May 23Last Chance to Network and Make Connections at INTA’s 140th Annual Meeting
Today is the last day of INTA’s 140th Annual Meeting and the final chance to meet friends and colleagues and network at the hospitality tables at the Washington State Convention Center and at the Grand Finale from 7 p.m.–11 p.m. at the Seattle Center.
May 23INTA and ASIPI Renewed Their Cooperation Agreement at Annual Meeting
INTA and the Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property (ASIPI), an IP association in Latin America, renewed their cooperation agreement in a signing ceremony today at the 2018 Annual Meeting. “We will keep working on our common goals to advocate for stronger IP systems, particularly in Latin America, and to keep communicating effectively the positive contribution of trademarks to the Latin American economy,” said José Luis Londoño, INTA’s Chief Representative Officer, Latin America and the Caribbean. More news from the Annual Meeting is available here.
May 23Read Wednesday's Edition of the INTA Daily
The Wednesday edition of the INTA Daily is now available. Click here to read all of the Annual Meeting highlights.

Looking for previous editions of the INTA Daily? Here is the Saturday edition, the Sunday edition, the Monday edition, and the Tuesday edition.
May 22Read Tuesday's Edition of the INTA Daily
The Tuesday edition of the INTA Daily is now available. Click here to read all of the Annual Meeting highlights.

Looking for previous editions of the INTA Daily? Here is the Saturday edition, the Sunday edition, and the Monday edition.
May 22Practitioners Discuss Fate of Color Trademarks in Europe
While moderating a panel on The Fate of Color Per Se Marks in Europe at INTA’s Annual Meeting on May 21, Jennifer Powers, IP Counsel at Red Bull GmbH (Austria), said that “clarity needs to be given to the color trademarks regime in Europe.” In November 2017, the European Union’s General Court concurred with the European Union Intellectual Property Office’s decision that Red Bull GmbH’s two European Union Trade marks for the brand’s blue and silver color combination were invalid because of overly broad representations and descriptions. More information is available here.
May 22Rock Star Discusses Famous Trademark Case at Annual Meeting
Simon Tam (far left), founding member of Asian-American rock band the Slants discussed the June 2017 United States Supreme Court decision that the U.S. government’s ban on disparaging trademarks was unconstitutional, a decision that he helped spark. In 2009, a friend recommended that Mr. Tam file an application to register a trademark, claiming that it would “cost a few hundred bucks and only take six months.” This was not how thing transpired. His application was rejected on the grounds that it was disparaging to persons of Asian descent. More information is available here.
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