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2019 Asia Conference: Brands in Changing Times

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2019 Asia Conference: Brands in Changing Times

Innovate. Protect. Enforce. Grow.

We live in a world of constant change—from exponential technological growth that has changed the way consumers interact with brands to a growing social consciousness that has changed consumer norms and their expectations of the brands they buy and support. With the new global marketplace evolving at record speed, brands and their legal teams must also evolve. Join us in Kuala Lumpur for INTA’s 2019 Asia Conference: Brands in Changing Times on October 17–18, 2019 as we discuss key issues affecting brand owners doing business in the region today so that we may effectively innovate, protect, enforce, and grow brands.

This two-day, advanced-level conference will feature business and legal experts, and government officials to help attendees navigate innovation in the marketplace and in the practice of trademark law, IP protection strategies, the changing enforcement landscape, and growth opportunities in the region.

INNOVATE.  The last 10 years have seen tremendous change across the world—from the Internet creating a forum for global conversations to the near-instantaneous proliferation of information, disruptive technologies, and consumers demanding authenticity from their brands. These changes influence every aspect of our lives and have a profound effect on consumer expectations and norms. 

Join us as we discuss innovation from the point of view of consumers, brand owners, and legal practitioners on topics such as:
  • E-commerce and promotion of brands in the digital space, including communicating in an online world, tips and strategies to successfully take your brand online, the role of influencers, social media, advertising and marketing regulatory frameworks, and brand storytelling. 
  • The changing role of trademark teams and the effect of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and “big data.” 

PROTECT.  Developing and integrating a robust and cost-effective IP protection strategy is an ongoing challenge for brand owners and legal practitioners. This conference will provide tips and strategies to enable the development and implementation of protection strategies for businesses, including:
  • Practical tips and strategies to enhance collaboration between legal and business teams.
  • Changing laws and norms in the region including the role of the Madrid System, and national and regional trademark systems.
  • Bad-faith trademark registrations and effective strategies to combat them.
  • Copyright, design, and other often-overlooked tools that every brand owner and legal practitioner should consider in an IP protection strategy.

ENFORCE. Historically, enforcement strategies and actions played out between the parties and the courts alone. But today, the world is watching as a brand enforces its rights. Effective enforcement strategies that protect IP rights while maintaining a good brand reputation with consumers are critical to a brand’s success. Navigating these waters is challenging because practitioners need to consider both laws and evolving social norms in their strategies, including:
  • Online and offline enforcement strategies and challenges.
  • Customs and transshipment issues in an increasingly “borderless” world.
  • Anticounterfeiting and the role consumers play in the ongoing battle against counterfeits, and free trade zones and the role of Customs in enforcement efforts.

 The Asia region contains some of the world’s strongest and expanding economies and provides unparalleled opportunities for business growth. Brands are an important driver of economic growth but measuring brand value can confound even the most learned experts. Join us as we explore the opportunities in the region including:
  • The economic impact of trademark intensive industries.
  • Brand value—how it is established and how is it measured?