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Oficina de Patentes y Marcas de Estados Unidos contra Booking.com B.V.

The Court should consider survey evidence when deciding whether a mark is generic or descriptive and should not be limited to cases involving “coined” terms. Furthermore, the Court should affirm that there is no per se rule for the protectability of generic marks with addition by an online business of a generic top-level domain (‘.com’).

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Escritos Amicus

We monitor critical IP cases around the world and provide our expertise in trademark law via amicus briefs and other friend of the court filings. The International Amicus Committee drafts briefs—either requested or self-initiated—and the Board’s Executive Committee votes on their approval.

See the submission guidelines for amicus briefs.

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Resoluciones del Consejo

Board resolutions provide the basis for our official advocacy position. Members of topic-specific committees draft the resolutions based on their in-depth analysis, and then the Board votes on their approval.

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Directrices y leyes modelo

We make our Model Laws and Guidelines, which are prepared by members on topic-specific committees, available to governments around the world. They inform the drafting and revision of related statutes, rules, and agreements that form the basis of IP practice and compliance.

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Informes del comité

Our committees produce reports on current and emerging issues and their impact on brand owners. Committee reports are data driven and bolster our advocacy work.

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Testimonios y presentaciones

Governments and inter-governmental agencies view us as the subject matter experts with regard to initiatives that form the rules, norms, and values for trademark laws and related areas of law. We typically provide our expertise through testimony and written submissions in addition to our interactions with government officials.

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Formas de participar

We invite you to learn more about our approach to advocacy and to contribute to the conversation about our existing policy priorities and other issues that impact brand owners around the world. Please contact us.

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INTA PAC es nuestro Comité de Acción Política no partidista que actúa para dar mayor repercusión a las opiniones y perspectivas de los propietarios de marcas en el proceso político, al contribuir en favor ya sea de candidatos a escaños del Congreso de EE. UU. o de sus actuales titulares, basándonos en sus posturas sobre cuestiones relevantes de PI.