2020–2021 Committee Selection Is Now Open—Apply Today

Published: June 15, 2019

Participating on an INTA committee presents a unique and rewarding opportunity to contribute to the advancement of INTA’s objectives, network among your peers, and raise your visibility within the international trademark community. Committee Selection for the 2020‒2021 term is now open, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to apply.


INTA committees were established to make policy recommendations to the Board of Directors, to execute the Association’s Strategic Plan by undertaking short-term and long-term assignments, and, in general, to carry out the work of the Association. INTA committees represent, involve, and serve the Association’s members and provide an important training ground for INTA’s future leaders.

Committee volunteers-together with INTA staff-share their collective expertise and common interests on a wide variety of committees, focusing on the advocacy of trademarks and brand owner rights, resources for intellectual property advancement, communication and implementation of INTA’s strategic objectives, planning educational programs and events, and much more.

Committee Selection Process

  • The 2020-2021 Committee Selection application system will remain open until July 12, 2019. Apply today.
  • Applicants will be asked to submit their primary and secondary committee preferences, indicate if they are willing to serve on any committee, and respond to open text questions.
  • The application must be filled out in its entirety and submitted by July 12, 2019, for consideration of placement on an INTA committee.
  • Committee terms are two years, and committee volunteers may only serve a maximum of two terms (four years) on the same committee.
  • Committee assignments are made by the INTA President, in consultation with the Chief Executive Officer and staff, based on all applications and the specific needs of each committee.
  • Consideration for selection includes member demographics, geographical location, organization representation, committee history, professional expertise, and specific needs of the committee.
  • Please note: The number of committee assignments is limited to ensure the efficient operation of the committee structure and overall member satisfaction. The number of applications received usually exceeds the number of assignments available. Therefore, submission of the application does not guarantee assignment.
  • All applicants will be notified of assignment status via email during the week of September 23, 2019.
  • The 2019 INTA Leadership Meeting in Austin, Texas, which takes place November 19‒22, will be open to current 2018-2019 committee members and incoming 2020-2021 committee members.

Committee Structure and Descriptions

The 2020-2021 Committee Structure, listing the committees under the Advocacy, Resources, and Communications Groups, is shown below.

2020-2021 Committee Structure
Click here to download a PDF of this document.

2020-2021 Committee Structure

To learn more about the role of each committee, please see the 2020-2021 Committee Descriptions, which include descriptions of the new committees for this upcoming term, as follows:

New Committees for 2020‒2021:

Brand Restrictions Committee
Develops and advocates the Association’s policy regarding the impact of brand restrictions on trademark and related rights. The Committee will monitor developments in treaties, legislation, and regulations in various jurisdictions, complete analyses, and coordinate advocacy activities with other relevant INTA committees, such as the Legislation and Regulation Committee. If necessary, the Committee will also propose policy recommendations to the Board. Work includes policy dialogues and conferences, report and submission writing and advocacy in conjunction with INTA’s staff, as well as raising awareness of brand restriction issues among INTA membership and the public via INTA Bulletin articles, op-ed articles, and other public relations methods.

Brands for a Better Society Committee
Demonstrates how brands positively impact society and build consumer trust through corporate social responsibility, diversity and inclusion, and pro bono initiatives, by increasing awareness among members of the value of these activities, engaging targeted stakeholders, and informing the public about efforts undertaken by INTA and its members. The Committee will monitor trends in the industry and among members to develop best practices and tools to raise awareness and implement relevant programs.

Commercialization of Brands Committee
Develops resources, including educational programs and best-practice guidelines, related to the in-market commercialization of brand offerings. This Committee will consider marketing and advertising regulatory issues; agreements, including licenses, distribution, supply, and agency agreements; and tax, brand valuation, brand evaluation, and related issues that support the commercial success of product and service offerings.

Be Prepared

Before applying for a committee appointment, applicants should discuss the benefits, responsibilities, and resource requirements with their company or firm management and acquire approval to actively and fully participate.

Committee volunteers are appointed for a two-year committee term. Most committees meet monthly via conference call for at least an hour. However, the frequency of the calls is dictated by the committee’s projects throughout the year. In addition, committees meet in person during the INTA Annual Meeting and Leadership Meeting, which the committee members are strongly encouraged to attend.

Committee volunteers should expect to devote an appropriate amount of time to their INTA committee responsibilities, with the understanding that time commitments may vary depending on the committee. The Expectations Document for Committee Members sets out the general responsibilities for committee participation.

When applying and participating on a committee, volunteers must:

  • Be employed by an INTA member company or firm, or have an Academic Membership;
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the Association through regular meeting attendance, including committee conference calls and the Annual Meeting and Leadership Meeting;
  • Participate in the annual nominations process, identifying and nominating individuals to serve in leadership positions (for example, as Officers, Counsel, Directors, Committee Chairs, and Vice Chairs);
  • Complete assigned tasks in a timely manner, maintaining the high quality standards of the Association;
  • Support the mission of the Association;
  • Comply with applicable INTA regulations, bylaws, and policies;
  • Respond to INTA staff and committee communications in a timely manner;
  • Share insights to help the committee make appropriate decisions and policy;
  • Be prepared for, and actively participate in, all committee meetings (including, but not limited to, taking minutes when necessary); and
  • Resign from the committee if no longer able to support the committee’s mission or devote the necessary time to be a productive committee member.

During the last two Committee Selection periods, INTA received approximately 3,400 applications and was able to place more than 85 percent of these applicants on committees. The number of committee assignments is necessarily limited to ensure the efficient operation of the committee structure and overall member satisfaction. Therefore, placement on a committee is not guaranteed. However, INTA maintains a list of those not assigned to a committee and reaches out to them to fill any committee vacancies, and to assist with projects that arise during the committee term, especially when regional or subject-matter expertise is needed.

One of INTA’s most important assets is the talented and dedicated group of member volunteers who serve on its committees. For those able to make the commitment to serve on a committee, INTA encourages you to apply to serve during the 2020-2021 Committee Term.

Important Dates to Remember:

June 10-July 12: Committee Selection Portal accessible for members’ selection of committee preferences for the 2020-2021 Committee Term. Apply today.

Although every effort has been made to verify the accuracy of items in the INTA Bulletin, readers are urged to check independently on matters of specific concern or interest.

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