Don’t Miss the Latest Updates to INTA’s Legal Resources

Published: October 15, 2018

INTA’s Legal Resources Department is currently developing several new projects, including an anticounterfeiting searchable guide, and has updated several of its core guides and publications.

The Legal Resources department is responsible for producing many of INTA’s member resources. Its seven searchable guides provide practical information covering trademark and related areas of law throughout the world. The most recently updated resources are:

The Trademark Reporter (TMR), is the world’s only peer-reviewed, scholarly journal dedicated to trademark law and related topics under U.S. and international law. The TMR publishes six issues annually, including the Annual Reviews of U.S. and European Union case law. The current issue contains a comprehensive article challenging the underpinnings of irreparable harm, a provocative commentary critiquing a decision of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom concerning well-known marks, and a review of a guide targeted to business readers on the legal issues related to brand management.

The Legal Resources Department is proud to report that The Washington and Lee School of Law’s Law Journal Rankings Project recently ranked the TMR among the top 20 IP journals worldwide to be cited by U.S. state and federal courts, and among the top 50 IP journals worldwide overall.

In addition to developing and producing content, the Legal Resources team frequently edits materials for other INTA departments. Year-to-date, the department’s virtual red pens have touched well over 100 pieces!

INTA encourages members to visit the Member Resources page on the INTA website to learn more about the resources available to them and to pass the word along to colleagues at their organizations so that they can also benefit from INTA membership.

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