Nominations for INTA’s Board of Directors, Officers and Counsel

Published: October 15, 2018

On November 6, the Annual Meeting of Members will be held at 8:30 am during INTA’s Leadership Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. The voting members of the Association will consider the following persons for the INTA Board of Directors:

Board of Directors Nominees for Term Ending December 31, 2019
Tiki Dare, Oracle Corporation (USA)
Ayala Deutsch, NBA Properties, Inc. (USA)
David Lossignol, Sandoz International GmbH (Germany)
Zeeger Vink, Maus Frères (France)
Jomarie Fredericks, Rotary International (USA)
Dana Northcott, Amazon, Inc. (USA)

Nominees for Term Ending December 31, 2021
Michael Hawkins, Noerr Alicante IP, S.L. (Spain)
Bartosz Krakowiak, Polservice Patent and Trademark (Poland)
Diane Lau, Facebook Inc.(USA)
R. Scott MacKendrick, Bereskin & Parr (Canada)
Heather McDonald, Baker & Hostetler LLP (USA)
Ranjan Narula, RNA, IP Attorneys (India)
Larry Rickles, Teva Pharma (USA)
Leanne Stendell, TGI Friday’s Inc. (USA)
Pieter van den Bulck, Anheuser-Busch (Belgium)

Board of Directors Continuing to Serve – Term Ending December 31, 2020
Marie-Laure Bonnaffous, Fendi Adele SRL (Italy)
Annabelle DanielVarda, Google (USA)
Cecilia Emanuelson, Inter IKEA Holding Services S.A. (Belgium)
Elisabeth Kasznar Fekete, Kasznar Leonardos Intellectual Property (Brazil)
Jeremy Kaufman, Netflix, Inc. (USA)
Uche Nwokocha, Aluko & Oyebode (Nigeria)
Joan Pinaire, Realogy Holdings Corp. (USA)
Melody Schottle, Exxon Mobil Corporation (USA)
Kowit Somwaiya, LawPlus Ltd. (Thailand)

Board of Directors Continuing to Serve – Term Ending December 31, 2019
Carsten Albrecht, FPS Fritze Wicke Seelig (Germany)
Daretia Austin, AT&T Services, Inc. (USA)
Gang Bai, Wanhuida Peksung IP Group (China)
Louis Chan, Procter & Gamble Asia (Singapore)
Barry Gerber, Philip Morris International Management SA (Switzerland)
Michael Graham, Expedia, Inc. (USA)
Pamela Mallari, Mars, Inc. (USA)
Judy McCool, HBO (USA)
Paul McGrady, Winston & Strawn LLP (USA)
Philippa McLeod, Rolls-Royce plc (UK)
Batur Oktay, Starbucks Coffee (USA)
Maria Cecilia Romoleroux, CorralRosales (Ecuador)

Officers and Counsel
– David Lossignol, Sandoz International GmbH (Germany)
President Elect – Ayala Deutsch, NBA Properties, Inc. (USA)
Vice President– Tiki Dare, Oracle Corporation (USA)
Vice President – Zeeger Vink, Maus Frères (France)
Treasurer – Jomarie Fredericks, Rotary International (USA)
Secretary – Dana Northcott, Amazon, Inc. (USA)

Counsel – Anna Carboni, Wiggin LLP (UK)

Immediate Past President and Ex-Officio – Tish Berard, Velcro Group Corporation (USA)

Advisory Directors
Doug de Villiers (Africa)
Andrea Gerosa (Switzerland)
Nancy Jeffrey (United States)

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