Volunteer Spotlight: Monica Wolf

Published: March 15, 2020

Edy Guadalupe Porta Portal & Asociados San Salvador, El Salvador

Monica Wolf is founding partner at Wolf Méndez, based in Bogota, Colombia. Ms. Wolf has worked in the trademark field since 1986, when she began working for the Colombian firm Cavalier Abogados.

A long-time INTA volunteer, most recently Ms. Wolf enjoyed working on Trademarks in Latin America: Economic Impact in 10 Latin America and Caribbean Countries, an economic impact study published jointly by INTA and the Asociación Interamericana de la Propiedad Intelectual (ASIPI) in October 2019.

Ms. Wolf considers the most important issue in trademark law today to be the impact of artificial intelligence on all aspects of life, including trademark law. She suggests that INTA address this topic with greater depth at future educational events and help familiarize brand professionals with how to measure brand equity and other marketing concepts that are vital for trademark law-and which are not taught at law school.

For Ms. Wolf, belonging to INTA has provided a way to expand her colleague and client network. In fact, she notes that her INTA network is the main source of international work for her office. On a personal level, through the Association, she has had the opportunity to meet people from the four corners of the world who have become members of her professional family. Each year, she says, when she starts planning for the next Annual Meeting, she feels as though she is planning a family reunion!

Outside her trademark work, Ms. Wolf has been helping one of her three daughters open up her new restaurant in Bogota.

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