Volunteer Spotlight: Nathalia Mazzonetto

Published: January 15, 2020

Simon Valverde Arias Law San José, Costa Rica

Nathalia Mazzonetto, a Brazilian attorney, has been an active member of INTA for nearly a decade. Over the years, Ms. Mazzonetto has served on a number of INTA Committees, and is currently the Chair of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee. She has enjoyed participating in a variety of professional projects, especially those related to new and appropriate forms of solving intellectual property (IP) disputes. According to Ms. Mazzonetto, “ADR [alternative dispute resolution] initiatives are the ones which usually call my special attention.”

In her daily work at Müller Mazzonetto, Ms. Mazzonetto participates in complex litigation and other disputes involving a full spectrum of IP matters. She describes herself as the attorney who is often called upon to solve “impossible” cases. Her practice also covers international transactions, advertising issues, and business consultancy related to IP and commercial matters.

From Ms. Mazzonetto’s perspective, the most important task in trademark law today is upholding the value of trademarks. In this sense, she notes that legal provisions that address trademark protection and registration are essential, as well as measures that ensure their enforcement.

According to Ms. Mazzonetto, among new areas that INTA should consider addressing in the future are “data protection, with special attention to local, regional, startups, and small business; as well as dispute boards as a means to solving IP disputes.”

Ms. Mazzonetto’s interest in IP has allowed her to be actively engaged with local pro bono practices connected with conflict resolution in education and health care. Her pro bono activities also include being a storyteller for children in hospitals, with special dedication to HIV patients, and trainings for caregivers in the “third age” (ages 65 to 80+).

Outside her professional life, Ms. Mazzonetto enjoys sharing quality time with her family, especially with her young son. She is also a runner and a fan of patchwork, pottery, and other handmade craft activities.

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