Volunteer Spotlight: Rosa Jimenez

Published: July 15, 2019

Sheja Ehtesham ALG India Law Offices LLP New Delhi, India

Sneha Tandon ALG India Law Offices LLP New Delhi, India

Rosa Jimenez, a senior paralegal at Wyndham Destinations in Orlando, Florida, USA, has been working in the field of trademarks for more than 22 years. Ms. Jimenez manages Wyndham Destinations’ global trademark and copyright portfolios, and communicates with foreign counsel in more than 130 countries. “I always tell my colleagues and members in the legal department that I get to work with the fun part of legal,” she says.

An INTA member for more than two decades, Ms. Jimenez has been actively involved with the Association’s In-House Practitioners Committee and the Trademark Administrators Committee. She particularly enjoyed being part of the project team for the 2017 Trademark Administrators and Practitioners Meeting. “After many years attending INTA conferences, it was quite an experience to see how much preparation and attention goes into each session, and how carefully topics are picked to truly impact the audience,” she recalls.

Ms. Jimenez shares that she would love to see more paralegals and trademark administrators enjoying the “endless benefits” of being a part of a professional organization like INTA.

Ms. Jimenez closely followed the recent outcome of Mission Product Holdings Inc. v. Tempnology, LLC before the U.S. Supreme Court. Identifying this as an important and trending issue in trademark law today, she observes, “at issue is what happens to a trademark license when the brand owner goes bankrupt; where a licensee can lose the right to use a trademark as a result of the licensor’s bankruptcy proceeding.” She points out that INTA’s amicus curiae brief characterized the issue as being a “day-to-day concern to trademark owners and practitioners as it affects essentially every trademark license.”

One of her favorite marks is the Nike swoosh. “I love the story of how the design was developed, its simplicity, and global recognition,” she says. “When I think of innovation, in my mind I’d want to create the new Nike swoosh.”

When she is not working with trademarks, Ms. Jimenez works out at the gym or goes running outdoors. She and her husband love to visit Puerto Rico and spend time with their family.

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