What Belonging to INTA Means to Me: Kevin Hartley

Published: December 1, 2018

Kevin Hartley is co-founder of Trust Tree Legal, P.C., in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, winner of the 2018 Volunteer Service Award for Advancement of Committee or Subcommittee Objectives, and has been an INTA member for four years. He spoke with the INTA Bulletin about what belonging to INTA means to him and how his firm benefits from INTA’s services throughout the year.

Why is your organization an INTA member, and how does it benefit from membership?
When my partners and I formed Trust Tree, one of the first things we did was join INTA. INTA keeps us informed and up to date on anything and everything related to our practice. It also allows us to keep in touch with our friends in the industry.

How long have you personally been an active INTA member, and what does belonging to INTA mean to you?
I have been an active member for four years. For me, belonging to INTA is about friendship, education, and improving the practice of law. I love to travel. Through INTA, I have made friends around the world. Few things make me happier than connecting with fellow INTA members at home and abroad.

INTA also allows me to better serve my clients by providing top-notch education opportunities. By offering the best in continuing education programming and facilitating face-to-face meetings with other industry professionals, INTA engenders an environment that allows its members to solve many of the problems that make practicing law so stressful.

Outside of the Annual Meeting, how do you make use of your membership throughout the year?
I use my INTA membership in a number of ways. My firm has a lot of clients with IP needs outside of the United States. Our INTA network allows us to provide great service by connecting those clients with IP professionals everywhere in the world.

When I run into a new issue, I often search the resources available on INTA’s website for help. If I can’t find an answer there, I will reach out to professionals I have met through INTA. Serving on a committee has allowed me to build meaningful relationships with a number of attorneys in and outside the United States. These relationships have dramatically improved my practice.

Finally, New York City is my favorite place in the world. Anytime I make it to New York, I drop a line to members of the INTA staff. It is always great to stop by and catch up with members of the INTA staff about the latest and greatest developments in the organization. I love sharing my opinions, and they are always happy to listen!

In a nutshell, why should trademark professionals join INTA?
If you want to become a better IP lawyer, INTA is a must. It allows you to grow your knowledge and your network.

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