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How I Maximize My INTA Membership: Amy Tindell

Published: October 13, 2021

Amy Tindell

Amy Tindell (Holland & Hart, LLP, USA)

Amy Tindell (Holland & Hart, LLP, USA) is an intellectual property (IP) attorney focusing on trademark prosecution and enforcement. She has experience across a diverse range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, computer programs and security, alcoholic beverages, consumer products and retail, and sporting equipment and events.

Based in Boulder, Colorado, Ms. Tindell has been a member of INTA’s Public Information Committee since 2016 and currently serves as chair of the Committee’s Editors Subcommittee.

In an interview with the INTA Bulletin, Ms. Tindell discusses how INTA membership has helped advance her professional career and has benefitted her colleagues at Holland & Hart.

How has being an INTA member helped you in your professional career?
INTA membership has enriched my professional career in a variety of ways. It’s helped me to contextualize my practice in the international community and improve my understanding of how branding must contort itself across jurisdictions to remain strong and effective. I’ve benefitted from access to global experts from diverse industries and practice environments, and from access to educational resources that contribute further depth and breadth to my work.

In return, INTA has provided the opportunity for me to teach skills to non-lawyers that are crucial to their businesses and to help create resources that make complex topics more accessible. Through further INTA leadership roles and outreach around the world, I hope to continue honing my skills while making valuable contributions to both the intellectual property and business communities.

Apart from attending the Annual Meeting, how does your firm maximize its membership throughout the year?
Holland & Hart, LLP strongly values its INTA membership and continues to strengthen its relationship with the Association through regular participation in and service to the INTA community. Our attorneys utilize INTA’s online educational resources and reports every day and attend events throughout the year. We serve as INTA committee members and leaders, as well as author articles that explore various IP topics and update membership on current events. Holland & Hart also plays a supporting role for our clients who serve in INTA leadership positions, providing ideas for educational topics, speakers, and policy goals. These activities provide an unmatched array of diverse perspectives that Holland & Hart incorporates into its regular practice and client service.

Can you share an example of a challenge IP professionals and brand owners are facing, and how INTA is helping address that challenge?
Building bridges between IP professionals and brand owners to provide accessible and practical education regarding IP rights, their value, and their necessity is crucial to the success of modern business. IP professionals must continue working to increase outreach to business communities in order to raise awareness of IP issues and the resources needed to address them.

One way in which INTA helps to address this challenge is through the INTA committee I am a member of—the Public Information Committee, which creates materials targeted to SMEs and their specific needs. The Committee publishes fact sheets on both basic and more advanced IP topics, FAQs to anticipate initial questions in launching a brand, materials to assist SMEs in developing their branding strategies, social media posts to raise awareness of current IP events, and videos that take a deeper dive into key topics. Through these efforts we hope to strengthen the connection between business and IP communities, with the goal of improving business outcomes.

In sum, why should brand owners and IP law firms join the Association?
INTA’s digital platform is the “go-to” resource for brand owners and their counsel globally. It provides ready access to a myriad of educational resources in all forms of media, from written articles, to podcasts, to videos. Practitioners have the opportunity both online and in person to form and foster new connections through networking events and service activities, and to deepen these connections over years. INTA offers roles in which members with all levels of experience can hone their leadership skills as well as other facets of their professional toolkits. In short, INTA forms an international common denominator for the IP community to gather together and advance the field to support brand success.

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