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How I Maximize my INTA Membership: Erica Weiner

Published: April 14, 2021

Erica Weiner

Erica Weiner, Ashley Furniture, USA

From meeting “dear friends and mentors,” to successful anticounterfeiting educational resources, to the ability to continuously develop skills, these are the ways Erica Weiner (Ashley Furniture, USA) describes her experience in INTA.

Ms. Weiner, assistant general counsel at Ashley Furniture in Tampa, Florida, USA, is vice chair of the Association’s Fashion Industry Group and an active member of the Unreal Campaign Committee and has previously served on numerous other committees.

She spoke with the INTA Bulletin about how her membership in INTA has been instrumental in her career, in helping her build bonds with fellow intellectual property (IP) professionals, and in furthering her company’s goals.

How has being an INTA member helped you in your professional career?
Being an INTA member has been instrumental in my professional career. I have made countless connections with other trademark professionals who have not only become dear friends and mentors, but also colleagues with whom I can benchmark on common issues, where possible. This even includes addressing conflicts when they arise among our businesses, as well as meeting wonderful outside legal counsel to work with around the globe.

Apart from attending the Annual Meeting, how does Ashley Furniture maximize its membership throughout the year?
Ashley Furniture maximizes our membership throughout the year by participating in various seminars, programs, and conferences offered by INTA, as well as through committee participation.

Can you share an example of a challenge IP professionals and brand owners are facing, and how INTA is helping address that challenge?
One example of a challenge that IP professionals and brand owners are facing is managing the ever-increasing volume of counterfeits circulating not only in the U.S. but throughout the globe. INTA has been instrumental in assisting with the creation of programming to provide educational resources to brand owners on efforts they can make toward anticounterfeiting. It also has been instrumental in collaborating with brands to host anticounterfeiting educational training sessions with law enforcement both in the U.S. and internationally, which has been incredibly successful.

In sum, why should brand owners and IP law firms join the Association?
Brand owners and IP law firms should join INTA as there is no comparable organization out there that brings together so many trademark professionals from around the globe, including both brand owners and law firms. INTA provides a multitude of opportunities for our community to learn, engage, and grow together. It truly allows everyone the ability to continue developing their skills as trademark professionals as well as creating bonds among the members of our community that would likely not otherwise exist.

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