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How I Maximize My INTA Membership: Jill Goldman

Published: February 3, 2021

Jill Goldman

Jill Goldman, American Bankers Association, Washington, D.C., USA

Jill Goldman is Vice President, Senior Counsel II, at the American Bankers Association (ABA) in Washington, D.C., and a volunteer on INTA’s Leadership Development Committee, Leadership Programming Subcommittee. Ms. Goldman spoke with the INTA Bulletin about ways she maximizes her INTA membership, such as networking, cost savings, and committee involvement.

How has being an INTA member helped you in your professional career?
INTA has benefited my career as an intellectual property (IP) professional through networking and cost savings to my nonprofit association. Formerly a trademark associate in a New York City IP boutique firm, I was able to offer tangible cost savings to my association by bringing in-house all the domestic IP prosecution work with the assistance of INTA membership and its resources.

In my current role as Vice President, Senior Counsel II of Contracts & Intellectual Property, I am able to show the value of INTA membership. Not only does INTA keep me abreast of the cutting-edge issues and current law changes in the ever-evolving IP landscape, it also allows me to network with my colleagues and counterparts at other organizations. The strong professional relationships that I have developed directly through INTA enable me the freedom to reach out to other IP professionals with confidence in many different industries.

While I have been aware of the value of INTA since attending a top-ranked IP law school pursuing my JD/LL.M. of Intellectual Property, I was not a paid member until my in-house role later in my career. I am grateful to the ABA for joining INTA and allowing me to be a proactive contributor to the greater IP community.


I am grateful to the ABA for joining INTA and allowing me to be a proactive contributor to the greater IP community.

Apart from attending the Annual Meeting, how does the American Bankers Association maximize its membership throughout the year?
The American Bankers Association is the voice of the nation’s $21.2 trillion banking industry, which is composed of small, regional, and large banks that together employ more than 2 million people. Being a member-driven, nonprofit trade association brings unique challenges to the protection and maintenance of ABA’s IP. Our INTA membership has been an instrumental resource to me professionally as the sole IP expert that manages the entire IP portfolio.

Under my direction, ABA has been a renewing member since 2015. Having a single professional tasked with only IP work is a luxury for most nonprofits since the cost is high. Since I contribute not only my IP expertise, but also perform corporate generalist functions and high-level commercial transactions work, INTA’s discounted nonprofit membership is a high return on investment in conjunction with the cost savings from bringing the work in-house.

ABA is further maximizing its membership through my committee and leadership involvement throughout the year. As an active volunteer on the In-House Practitioners Committee for two terms, I helped to plan the In-House Practitioners Workshop in Boston, participated in webinars with other nonprofits on specific issues, and moderated several in-person industry exchanges. While it is a constant balance between member needs and IP protection, especially for a trade association, INTA helps me to identify these issues and collaborate with my counterpoints at similarly situated organizations, which helps ABA maximize its membership.

Can you share an example of a challenge IP professionals and brand owners are facing, and how INTA is helping address that challenge?
John Donne said, “No man is an island….” As legal counsel, I recognize that I am a piece of the whole, in the role of advisor, not decision maker. I must be approachable, reasonable, business-minded, and credible, all of which serve to make a collaborative style for an advisor to anticipate, prevent, and approach challenges.


The resources provided by INTA can assist the IP professional in making those perception changes to their senior leadership.

The biggest challenge facing all professionals, not just in IP, is working in an ever-changing environment and through a global pandemic. Dealing with internal decisions such as budget, resources, headcount, or virtual platforms—especially when business models need to change and pivot at lightning speed from an in-person to virtual format—is the most pressing challenge facing all businesses today.

There are many IP issues involved with the virtual platform—from licensing, copyright ownership of the recordings, unauthorized/infringing recording from other devices, data/privacy concerns, and the like. INTA is helping this situation by providing resources, such as the recently released In-House Practitioners Benchmarking Report. Knowing the challenges for other companies is beneficial to proposing options in a challenging environment and a new normal for all businesses.

In sum, why should brand owners and IP law firms join the Association?
It is sometimes difficult to change an organization’s perspective about the importance of IP and their brand when it cannot be quantified on a balance sheet like for a consumer packaged-goods company or for-profit corporation. The resources provided by INTA can assist the IP professional in making those perception changes to their senior leadership. It is a worthwhile organization for all brand owners to join.

From my personal experience, I know time and positive IP outcomes will change the value placed on brand protection. INTA has amazing online offerings, exceptional in-person/virtual meetings, friendly and dedicated staff, and the ability to develop industry relationships and involvement on leadership committees. Brand owners should join INTA simply because it is an essential resource for brand owners’ success.

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