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How I Maximize My INTA Membership: Juan Berton Moreno

Published: August 18, 2021

Juan Berton Moreno

Juan Berton Moreno (Berton Moreno IP Law, Argentina)

Juan Berton Moreno (Berton Moreno IP Law, Argentina) values INTA membership for the many tools it offers him and his team, as well as the high-value networking opportunities it makes possible. And best of all, he says, membership can give your firm a mark of quality.

He has volunteered on INTA committees since 2012 and has been serving on the Public Information Committee for the past three terms.

In an interview with the INTA Bulletin, Mr. Berton Moreno discusses the advantages of INTA membership to practitioners and organizations, including his firm.

How has being an INTA member helped you in your career as an intellectual property (IP) professional?
INTA has helped in many ways and will continue to do so in the future. Volunteering in different roles on many interesting committees, such as the Publications Committee and the Public Information Committee, as well as serving as an editor for the Cancellation Guide (one of INTA’s Practice Guides), has added a lot to my professional career. Also key, INTA has given me the opportunity to interact with members from around the world, do great networking and make new friends with whom I am able to work in their jurisdictions and benefit from their knowledge and experience in IP.

Apart from attending the Annual Meeting, how does your firm maximize its membership throughout the year?
We use the many different tools that INTA offers such as its podcasts, Practice Guides, Fact Sheets, and other relevant materials that provide members with really good information that you can use on a daily basis for your work and share with your team. You have access to good solutions to matters relating to different scenarios and cases. This information and the INTA website are updated on a regular basis. The website can be helpful by just visiting it frequently and exploring all the content, as it is easy to navigate.

Can you share an example of a challenge IP professionals and brand owners are facing, and how INTA is helping address that challenge?
IP professionals and brand owners are facing multiple challenges these days, and I think that one way INTA helps is by its “Resources” section on the website. This section offers tools such as the Practice Guides, Job Bank, Practice Tools, Fact Sheets, INTA TO-GO webcasts, Pro Bono Resources, Quick-Start Trademark Chart, and The Trademark Reporter. Learning through the INTA Bulletin Law & Practice section about key cases in various jurisdictions and how they are solved is another way that INTA helps professionals and brand owners.

In sum, why should brand owners and IP law firms join the Association?
I think that brand owners and IP law firms should join the Association to be able to maximize all the benefits INTA provides year-round through seminars, Table Topics, publications, networking, and committees. In that way, members can add great value and benefit in different ways, such as updating their knowledge and getting to know professionals who can assist them when needed. INTA is a “must” organization to join if you work in IP and want to succeed and give good service as a law firm or have the best information as a brand owner. Your colleagues, as well as companies, usually look in their directory to see if you are a member since that ensures in many ways the quality of your service.

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