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How I Maximize My INTA Membership: Selena Altro Paperman

Published: January 19, 2022

Selana Altro Paperman

Selena Altro Paperman (Selena Altro Paperman, Quebec, Canada)

Selena Altro Paperman (Selena Altro Paperman, Quebec, Canada) has one word to describe being an INTA member: invaluable. Moreover, Ms. Paperman, who founded the law firm and specializes in trademark and copyright law, believes participating in the Association is especially important in today’s global economy.

A member since 2008, she is currently serving on the Public Information Committee for the second consecutive term.

In an interview with the INTA Bulletin, Ms. Paperman reveals the benefits that INTA membership has afforded her and her firm.

How has being an INTA member helped you in your professional career?
INTA has provided an avenue in which I have been able to make valuable worldwide connections, allowing me to expand my client base and provide my expertise in Canadian trademark law to foreign associates. In addition, my local clients benefit from the shared knowledge I have garnered through the Association.

Apart from attending the Annual Meeting, how does your firm maximize its membership throughout the year?
I have been an active member on various committees, including the Building Bridges Committee and the Public Information Committee. Through my involvement, I have been able to provide my clients with a global understanding of the impact that IP has and the services we as professionals can provide.

Can you share an example of a challenge IP professionals and brand owners are facing, and how INTA is helping address that challenge?
The international online economy poses one of the greatest challenges. Through the worldwide contacts we’ve made at INTA, we are able to provide the appropriate guidance to protect our clients in this ever- expanding market.

In sum, why should brand owners and IP law firms join the Association?
In today’s global economy, it is essential to be able to advise clients of their IP rights beyond their local markets. INTA is an excellent source that promotes and assists in this process. The network of IP professionals and the knowledge and relationships it offers makes membership in the Association invaluable to law firms and brand owners as well.

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