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In Memoriam: Gerhard Bauer

Published: September 15, 2021

Gerhard Bauer

Gerhard Bauer (Germany)

We are saddened to announce that former INTA President Gerhard Bauer passed away on September 1, 2021, after a long battle with cancer.

Mr. Bauer, of Stuttgart, Germany, graduated with an electrical engineering degree from Stuttgart University in 1987. After graduation, he joined Mercedes-Benz AG. Working first as a patent attorney, five years later he took over the trademarks department. In 1998, he assumed the role of chief trademark counsel for DaimlerChrysler AG (now Daimler AG). After leaving Daimler AG in 2013, he served in various roles as an intellectual property (IP) consultant, most recently as general counsel at Justin’s Design GmbH.

Mr. Bauer was an active and dedicated INTA member since 1998. He joined the Board of Directors in 2004 and served as INTA President in 2011. He was the first INTA president from mainland Europe and first non-native English speaker to assume this role. Among his countless accomplishments, Mr. Bauer’s participation in numerous delegations and advocacy campaigns made him instrumental in INTA’s efforts to help Mexico and Colombia accede to the Madrid Protocol. With the European trademark law reforms taking shape place during the first half of the last decade, Mr. Bauer also played a central role in the Association’s advocacy in Europe during this time.

He also led the executive search process on behalf of the Association’s Board of Directors for INTA’s new CEO, an 18-month process that began in 2012.

Over the years, Mr. Bauer was active on many INTA committees, including the Executive Committee, Finance Committee, Nominating Committee, and the 2008 Annual Meeting Project Team. In 2017, the Association honored him with the President’s Award, the Association’s highest tribute, which acknowledges the profound appreciation of the global trademark community to individuals who over the course of a career in trademark and related IP law have made a lasting impact on INTA and the Association’s mission.

In a message to INTA’s Officers and Board of Directors, INTA CEO Etienne Sanz de Acedo called Mr. Bauer an “exceptional leader, advocate, and ambassador for INTA.” He noted: “Gerhard was a trusted friend and mentor to me and so many others in the trademark community. He generously shared his passion for the Association and his friendship with many of us.”

Mr. Bauer’s impact and influence on the Association and the INTA community is reflected in the outpouring of responses to the sad news of his passing. Here, we share a few messages from INTA members:

Gerhard always infused his expertise, leadership, and insight with genuine warmth, friendship, and fun—a true role model. —Tiki Dare (Oracle Corporation, USA)

I cherish the fond memory of our unique trip together in April 2005 to Rio, Sao Paolo, and Buenos Aires. INTA, MARQUES, and WIPO working together to promote the Madrid Protocol. Fond memories—the trip made us friends forever 🙂Tove Graulund (Graulund Consulting, Denmark)

Gerhard was a great colleague, friend, and inspirational leader. I have many fond memories of our times together on the Executive Committee and the Board. Richard Heath (RDH-IP, United Kingdom)

Gerhard was exceptional, in every way. He was selfless and generous. And gone too soon. — Jacqueline Leimer (USA)

He was (and is still) a giant in my mind; his leadership in INTA has always been so inspirational to me. Dana Northcott (, Inc., USA)

Gerhard was someone who I was lucky enough to spend time with as our service overlapped significantly as Board Members and Officers. He was an absolute gentleman with a wicked sense of humor. He will be missed. —Rhonda Steele (Australia)

The funeral will be held on October 1  in Stuttgart, Germany.

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