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INTA Brand Stories: Lorna Mbatia on OMO Detergent

Published: July 7, 2021

Brand Stories Lorna Mbatia, CFL Advocates, Nairobi, KenyaBrands play an invaluable role in the lives of people around the world. INTA’s new “Brand Stories” initiative spearheaded by Association President Tiki Dare (Oracle Corporation, USA) looks at how specific brands have left an imprint on INTA members in different regions.

Here, Ms. Dare takes a virtual trip to Kenya to speak with INTA member Lorna Mbatia (CFL Advocates, Kenya). Ms. Mbatia explains how OMO, a detergent brand of Unilever, evokes a sense of freedom and exploration.

Can you tell me about the brand you chose for this project?
I chose OMO, which is a laundry washing detergent.

Tell me some more about that brand, and why you chose it.
I chose it because of the influence that the brand has in terms of promoting a healthy, happy life. I remember that it ran a good [marketing] campaign, and to me it promotes worry-free creativity and exploration, especially growing up as a child. It would also allow us to help out around the home and not be afraid of getting dirty.

So, for me this brand stands out because it’s a case where a brand has a social impact, and also [affects] society by allowing people both young and old to explore their creative side.

In your own life what stories does this brand tell?
Growing up we spent a lot of time outdoors. You’d find, especially during the holidays, the children from the neighborhood would congregate at a field, and explore, play, and get creative. We’d enjoy playing with things we created, finding creative ways of playing with what was available.

We created wonderful memories growing up doing that and also helping around in the kitchen or gardening. We weren’t afraid of getting dirty because we knew that there was a product that would get the dirt out.

What does OMO represent to you now?
 It represents freedom, creativity, exploration, and being able to fully immerse myself in experiences.

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