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INTA Brand Stories: Rachel Tan and MAMA LEMON

Published: August 11, 2021

Brand Stories Rachel TanBrands become entwined in our daily lives and have the power to evoke fond memories and strong feelings of nostalgia. The Association’s “Brand Stories” initiative, spearheaded by INTA President Tiki Dare (Oracle Corporation, USA), looks at how brands leave a lasting and positive impact on the lives of INTA members in different regions around the world.

Here, Ms. Dare speaks with Rachel Tan (Rouse, Hong Kong SAR, China), who describes how MAMA LEMON, a popular Japanese dishwashing liquid, came to be such an important brand in her life growing up and the feelings it conjures up for her today.

Can you tell us your brand story?
Due to the pandemic, I think nostalgia is a word that resonates with a lot of us who are living abroad. The brand I chose is from a Japanese company called Lion Corp. and it’s called MAMA LEMON. It’s a dishwashing liquid that has been in my family kitchen since I was four or five years old.

That’s great, how did it come to you?
It’s a funny thing—when I was a small child, my mom was asked to do an advertisement for MAMA LEMON! So, she and I appeared in the ad together. Since then, we’ve always had a bottle in the kitchen.

What about this brand evokes “home” for you?
In the ad, and for MAMA LEMON in general, they always seem to use the memory thread of the brand being safe and effective but gentle on your hands. I’ve always seen it in the kitchen, but wherever I go, I notice the fresh scent of lemon, and it brings me back to my childhood.

It represents something that is constant. It feels effective, but it also conjures a feeling of safety and warmth, and it makes me think of my mom, and that really resonates with me.

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