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Volunteer Spotlight: Ariela Agosin

Published: May 1, 2020

Celia Lerman Lerman & Szlak, Buenos Aires, Argentina Anticounterfeiting Committee - Latin America and Caribbean Subcommittee

Ariela Agosin is a partner and Director of the Litigation Department at the Chilean law firm Albagli Zaliasnik. Besides trademark law and litigation, her practice covers areas such as arbitration, unfair competition, antitrust advertising law, IT, licensing, and other matters of intellectual and industrial property. She has been active at INTA for several years, currently as a member of the Unfair Competition Committee, and previously as chair and vice chair of the Emerging Issues Committee and chair of the Latin-American Subcommittee on Legislation and Regulation.

One of her favorite projects as an INTA volunteer was collaborating with the Brand Restrictions Subcommittee (part of the Emerging Issues Committee), producing materials that became part of a Board resolution. The resolution highlighted the link between health and intellectual property (IP), and its impact on brand restrictions and plain packaging rules in different countries—a connection that she said is more current now than ever.

Ms. Agosin believes that INTA should continue to pay attention to data protection and artificial intelligence matters, as future challenges for IP and trademark law. This is especially important nowadays, as increasing numbers of people are relying on technology and digital innovations to work remotely, and as large quantities of sensitive information are shared across the Internet. She envisions that INTA and its members will have to become more knowledgeable about these digital niches in order to stay relevant in the future.

Ms. Agosin’s daily work focuses on litigation and IP, dealing with court hearings at least two or three days per week. Fortunately, her team is fully prepared to work remotely; even amid the current crisis, she has been able to attend hearings via teleconference. She is a member of the IP Department Board and the Foreign Board, which places her in a critical decision-making position alongside her colleagues.

In her spare time, Ms. Agosin enjoys being with her family, which is especially important for her as a mom of three teenagers. She also pursues hobbies such as cooking, reading, painting, and exercising. She also likes to travel, even when it is work-related. 

For Ms. Agosin, being part of INTA has been crucial to the development of her firm, which has been offering IP services for 28 years. The worldwide network of INTA members enables her to protect her clients’ IP rights across the world. It also connects her firm with international clients via INTA meetings abroad. Ms. Agosin appreciates the inside perspective that being an INTA member gives her, particularly concerning trends and upcoming issues that will ultimately affect her daily practice in Chile. On a personal note, she added, INTA has been a good base for new friendships, and, she hopes that all INTA members are doing well under the circumstances. 

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