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Volunteer Spotlight: Manisha Singh

Published: January 6, 2021

Tove Graulund

Tove Graulund Graulund Consulting Søborg, Hovedstaden, Denmark INTA Bulletins—Europe Subcommittee

Manisha Singh

Manisha Singh, LexOrbis, New Delhi, India

Manisha Singh, founder and partner of the Indian intellectual property (IP) law firm LexOrbis, has been a member of INTA since 2000. During this time, she has actively participated in Association committees and has regularly attended INTA events while taking her IP practice to new heights.

Ms. Singh started her career at a general services firm where IP was a small part of the core practice. This was the time when Indian IP laws and practices were undergoing substantive changes as the government worked to fulfill its obligations to comply with the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS).

Following these developments, she became more and more involved in advising and apprising Indian policy and lawmakers on global standards associated with IP administrative and enforcement systems. Eventually, the idea of forming a specialist boutique firm dealing exclusively in IP took shape and Ms. Singh created LexOrbis.

Ms. Singh believes that INTA has been a driving force in bringing the global IP community together, providing a platform for law firms, brand owners, stakeholders, and IP advocates and enthusiasts to network with like-minded individuals, and promoting a collaborative environment for trademark and consumer protection.

In Ms. Singh’s opinion, INTA has created an inclusive ecosystem for the community by hosting various virtual and physical conferences. In addition, she said, in representing the best interests of brand owners, INTA has voiced consumer awareness initiatives to educate and help consumers make informed decisions.

As an IP attorney, a typical workday for Ms. Singh involves enforcing IP rights while managing a law firm of 200+ employees spread across three cities in India. The day typically starts with yoga, a cup of tea, and making the schedule for the day. Effective organization is key to prioritizing her meetings and calls.

Ms. Singh firmly believes that everyone should be able to enjoy a life beyond work. In her spare time, she likes to unwind by practicing yoga, taking walks, or skipping rope. These days, life can seem a little overwhelming, so she encourages co-workers to take time out for themselves. Sometimes the team relaxes together through virtual get-togethers, which are both enjoyable and uplifting!

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