How Intel Corporation Is Embracing Esports and Why Your Brand Should Too

Published: February 3, 2020

Kristin McNulty Intel Corporation Santa Clara, California, USA

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Traditional sports have long held importance to brandsaround the world, but in recent years more and more brands are also tappinginto the burgeoning esports industry. Both hold enormous potential for big “wins”!

INTA’s upcoming 2020Europe Conference-Brands, Sports, and Esports: A Brand (R)evolution,February 17-18 in Madrid, Spain, offers a great opportunity to learn about theconvergence of the sports and esports industries. Experts in the legal,marketing, and business fields will look into hot topics and discuss why it’sso important for brands to be proactive in the sports and esports spaces,especially given the proliferation of technology.

We’re at the point in time where the explosion of esports isfinally getting noticed. In the last couple of years, the participation in theindustry from different types of brands has been growing.

At Intel Corporation, we are playing a unique role in boththe sports and esports industries right now, and have emerged as a technologyleader in the evolving PC gaming and esports markets. We’re creating newexperiences in which we immerse players and viewers from all over the world. Whetherpeople are participating from a virtual reality standpoint, or benefiting fromour Intel ® True View 360 replay technology, it’s a really exciting time from atechnology standpoint.   

More is definitely on the horizon. I believe we’re gettingcloser to esports becoming a part of the Olympic Games.   Initially we may only see the Olympicsincorporate esport games based on traditional sports like soccer andbasketball, but it will be exciting to watch this evolve.   For now, Intel and the International OlympicCommittee are coordinating an esports event prior to the Summer 2020 OlympicGames in Tokyo, and similar to the Olympics, players will play on teams thatrepresent their nations.

If you come from a traditional sports background and you’renot embracing the interplay between esports and sports, this is an importanttime to plug in.

The Europe Conferencewill help you do that. It will appeal to so many people-those involved intraditional sports and those who are part of this huge explosion in esports,whether it’s from the legal, technology, sponsorship, or influencerperspective, or from the perspective of building of your business. We’ll coverall the angles at this Conference-and that’s really exciting.

Learn more about INTA’s 2020 Europe Conference here: