INTA Adopts New Process to Add and Sunset Committees

Published: November 27, 2018


INTA’s committees are at the core of the Association, with volunteers contributing to advocacy, resources, communication, and the planning of educational events that drive INTA-and the trademark community-forward.  

With that in mind, INTA’s Board of Directors on November 6 adopted a formal process to add new committees and sunset others. The new process is now included in the INTA Code of Policies.

The Board acted on a proposal submitted by the Planning Committee, which was charged with developing a formal and transparent framework for receiving and reviewing suggested changes to INTA’s committee structure.  

For the next committee term, 2020-2021, members and staff must submit proposals to add or sunset committees by December 15, 2018, for consideration by the Planning Committee in the selection process that takes place in 2019.  

The process spells out who is eligible to propose a change and what must be included in the proposal. For example, suggestions for a new committee must state, in part, how the mission of the committee supports the objectives of the Association and/or the Strategic Plan, while suggestions to sunset a committee must explain why the committee is no longer needed and whether the goals or tasks should be incorporated elsewhere.

The action carries out the Implementation Plan of INTA’s 2018-2021 Strategic Plan. The Implementation Plan calls for the creation of committee management tools and standardized processes and procedures to improve the efficiency of the committee structure, enhance the overall committee experience, and enable the Association to adapt to members’ evolving needs.

Details on who is eligible to put forth a proposed change and on the information required are available on INTA’s Committee Participation page.