INTA Bulletin Moves to Weekly

Published: July 1, 2020

Following the unveiling of the Association’s new website on June 25, the INTA Bulletin has relaunched as a weekly publication. It comes with a fresh redesign and features multimedia content from across our various social networks.

The redesign of the INTA Bulletin not only coincides with the new website, it is part of the Association’s digital transformation project. In a recent interview with the INTA Bulletin, INTA CEO Etienne Sanz de Acedo described the digital transformation as follows:

“The ultimate goal is really to provide an even better service to our members and to add value to the community. That means that we need to perhaps do things in a different way. Society is changing, technology is advancing, and our members are evolving. We need to evolve as well. When we talk about digital transformation, it’s really about the people and the processes. It’s about the service we provide to our members, and it’s about projecting ourselves into the future.”

INTA worked with a digital agency on the redesign of the new website. Following their expert input, consultation with leadership and members of the INTA Bulletins Committee, and in line with an internal analytics study of the INTA Bulletin readership, INTA has now split the INTA Bulletin as we knew it into two sections on the new website. Perspectives contains interviews, feature articles, and Law & Practice updates historically found in the Bulletin, while INTA News contains updates from the Association, its Representative Offices around the world, and its various committees.

On a weekly basis, we will deliver a new issue of the INTA Bulletin every Wednesday via email to the global INTA community. And at any time, look for current and archived content from the INTA Bulletin in the Perspectives and INTA News sections of the website, and via search.

On behalf of the INTA Bulletins Committee leadership and INTA Bulletin editorial team, thank you to everyone who contributed to this redesign project, including the INTA Bulletin Redesign Project Team.

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