INTA Celebrates the Association’s Women on International Women’s Day

Published: March 8, 2019


In honor of International Woman’s Day, March 8, INTA recognizes the talented and strong women who serve and have served the Association. Among them, INTA has had nine women presidents since 2000, including three of the six most recent past presidents. Currently, 19 Board Members and 30 committee leaders are women. "There are so many strong, smart, accomplished women in the world. When we come together to support each other, that individual strength is amplified and our ability to achieve change as a community is infinite," says INTA President Elect Ayala Deutsch (NBA Properties Inc, USA) "I’m proud of the important role women have played in INTA’s rich history and on International Women’s Day I celebrate the women volunteers, staff, and leaders of INTA and all that they have achieved.”