INTA’s 2018 Asia-Pacific Conference Looks Beyond Trademarks

Published: August 7, 2018

In today’s global marketplace, brand owners and trademark professionals are facing an increasing number of opportunities and challenges around the world that can impact brand value and growth. Don’t you want to stay ahead of the curve?  

On October 11 and 12, in Sydney, Australia, INTA will be hosting its 2018 Asia-Pacific Conference: Looking Beyond Trademarks-Protecting and Leveraging Your Brands for Growth. The conference will give brand owners, in-house counsel, law firm practitioners, trademark professionals, and government officials skills and knowledge on a range of topics that impact brand-related issues. Speakers will explore these issues from local, regional, and global perspectives.  

Educational Offerings

One of the many educational offerings will be a session that will serve as a valuable primer for brands looking to establish an online presence in China-home to the world’s largest online retail market.  

Among the timely topics covered by other sessions will be balancing intellectual property rights and regulatory restrictions, anticounterfeiting, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and enforcement issues such as ambush marketing and changes to the WHOIS domain name database in light of recent data privacy regulations.  

The conference will also afford fertile ground for policy makers, brand owners, and IP professionals to engage in meaningful and insightful dialogues about strategies that impact brand value and growth.

Corporate Social Responsibility as Education and Action

In addition to offering an educational session about why CSR is important for brands in today’s market, the Asia-Pacific Conference will provide registrants with an opportunity to give back to the host country of Australia. As part of INTA’s CSR efforts, attendees are being asked upon registration to make a voluntary donation to Indigenous Community Volunteers, an Australian nonprofit community development organization that provides opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to “develop human and community capacity in order to improve their quality of life, health, social and economic wellbeing and participation in Australian society.”

About Sydney

Sydney is an innovative business center and the ideal place to hold a conference that looks beyond trademarks. The city is infused with a rich and vibrant culture and is easily accessible from other parts of the world.  

Learn more about INTA’s 2018 Asia-Pacific Conference and register today.