Latin Americans Seek ‘Reconnecting’ Like Old Times at the Annual Meeting

Published: March 16, 2022

Where are the more than 4,800 registrants who are already on board for the 2022 Annual Meeting Live+ coming from? A look at the latest statistics reveals the top three regions are: North America, which holds the first spot, followed by the European Union, and then Latin America and the Caribbean.

And why are they coming? INTA has been asking that very question to registrants around the world. One overwhelming response reflects a strong desire to reconnect face-to-face after the absence of a full-scale, in-person Annual Meeting since May 2019.

Luiz Edgard Montaury Pimenta, senior partner, Montaury Pimenta, Machado & Vieira de Mello, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, perfectly echoes this sentiment. “I’ve been attending INTA[’s Annual Meeting] for almost 30 years, and I just miss it!” said Mr. Pimenta, who will be among a six-person team from his firm who will be at the in-person gathering in Washington, D.C.

Here, we spotlight the responses of several other law firms in Latin America and the Caribbean.

In Latin America, to date, registrants from the region make up more than 15 percent of all registrants worldwide. Brand and intellectual property professionals from Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina, in that order, lead the pack. And a significant number of Latin American‒based law firms are bringing large teams to the in-person Meeting—with 13 in total having six or more registrants, including one with as many as 21.

The testimonials below reflect comments from various law firms in Latin America and the Caribbean that have registered six or more of their colleagues for the Annual Meeting Live+. Most are attending Live+ (in person+ virtual) and some firms have a mix of registrants attending Live+ and Virtual Only.

“This is the moment all of the IP community has been waiting for—to go back to normal, see friends again, build new networks, strengthen relationships, and learn new and trendy topics on the practice we all feel passionate about.”
Simón Valverde, partner, Arias, San José, Costa Rica (6 registrants)

“I’m happy to share that more than 20 members from the Arochi family from the Madrid, Barcelona, and Mexico offices will be there to reconnect like old times. There is a saying in my country that a saint that is not seen, is a saint that is not worshipped. Let’s see each other like old times and reconnect. See you in D.C.!”
José Arochi, associate, Arochi & Lindner S.C., Mexico City, Mexico (21 registrants, including 19 from Mexico)

“After two years of the pandemic, I’m very excited to attend the 2022 INTA Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. It is the most important trademark conference in the world, where we have the best opportunity of developing business and learning more about the latest in trademark and related matters. We all have missed the in-person networking and believe it will be a great chance to see our clients, colleagues, and friends again.”
Elisabeth Siemsen do Amaral, partner, Dannemann Siemsen, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (17 registrants)

“The Di Blasi, Parente & Associados delegation is honored and excited to attend this Annual Meeting because it is the first face-to-face meeting after two long years of only virtual moments due to the global scenario. So, we welcome this event as a great opportunity to meet old friends and colleagues, as well as to make new business acquaintances and partnerships, explore new perspectives and fresh ideas, and revive connections with the IP community. We hope that this event is fruitful for everyone. We are ready. Let’s go INTA!”
Paulo Parente Marques Mendes, senior managing partner, Di Blasti, Parente & Associados, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (7 registrants)

“After the past two years, my colleagues and I are very excited about the idea of meeting again with our friends and business associates. For that reason, it’s time to support our Association, meet up again, give us a hug.”
Diego Rossi, president and CEO, Iberbrand, S.C., Lomas de Chaputlepec, Mexico (8 registrants)

“Attending INTA’s Annual Meeting is always a top priority and a unique opportunity to connect with people, so I booked my place as soon as registration opened. Don’t miss out on the chance to see your colleagues and clients in person!”
Iris V. Quadrio, partner, Marval, O’Farrell & Mairal, Buenos Aries, Argentina (8 registrants)

“I’m looking forward to seeing all my friends and associates in D.C.”
Juan Carlos Ojam, partner, Ojam Bullrich Flanzbaum, Buenos Aires, Argentina (10 registrants)

Learn more and register for the 2022 Annual Meeting Live+, April 30‒May 4. Registrants can choose from Live+ (in person + virtual) or Virtual Only. Premium Access Pricing for Virtual Only is available through April 1, 11:59 pm EDT. Registration for both Live+ and Virtual Only closes April 22, 11:59 pm EDT.

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