What’s Your Brand Story?

Published: June 2, 2021

In the lead-up to the 2021 Leadership Meeting in May, INTA President Tiki Dare (Oracle, USA) met virtually with five members from around the world to hear their “brand stories.” She recorded the interviews and shared them during the Meeting’s Opening Ceremony.

Now, INTA is expanding this initiative to welcome brand stories from more INTA members. Over the next few months, the Association will post the videos across its social networks with the hashtag #INTABrandStories.

“It was incredibly heartwarming to connect with Bernard, Lorna, Mariam, Rachel, and Yongjian, and to hear how brands conjure memories of family gatherings; of freedom, creativity, and growth; of childhood and home; of loved ones; and, of our true selves when we need it most. I can’t wait to hear from more of our members around the world,” said Ms. Dare.

Why brand stories? For many years now, INTA has been supporting its members through the evolution of their roles as intellectual property (IP) professionals, from trademark practitioners to brand professionals. Broadly speaking, this shift is centered on the idea that these roles have expanded beyond the traditional responsibilities of trademark registration and protection to a more holistic range of duties that touch all aspects of the brand.

In her remarks at the Leadership Meeting, Ms. Dare discussed this evolution as it relates to the stories that brands tell in people’s lives.

“As consumers, we let brands into our lives. We build an affinity for our favorite brands. They become woven into the tapestry of our lives. They tell our stories,” said Ms. Dare. “Thinking about this special role that brands play in our personal lives makes me realize just how important it is for us to embrace and succeed in our expanded roles as protectors of these brands.”

You can watch the video containing the five INTA members’ stories here. The feedback from the Leadership Meeting participants was overwhelmingly positive and hearing the stories from peers really drove home why the Association has been supporting its members in their transitional roles.

As Ms. Dare said in her closing, “When we work to protect trademarks, we’re doing something important: we’re protecting the trust that consumers place in brands. When we work to protect brands, we’re doing something quite beautiful: we’re protecting the wonderful stories brands bring to our lives.”

INTA is rolling out the Brand Stories initiative by featuring Ms. Dare’s story about her fond memories of a brand:

Here’s how members can get involved in the Brand Stories initiative:

  1. Record and send 1‒2 minute “selfie” video to INTA.
  2. Address the following points as you tell your story:
    1. Describe the brand.
    2. Share a story of this brand from your own life (for example, a memory from childhood, central in your life now).
    3. Explain what the brand has meant to you over the years and/or what it means to you now/what the brand symbolizes for you.
  3. Please do not show the brand and related IP in the video.
  4. Along with your video, please send your name, company/law firm name and location, as well as the name of the brand. Note: please disclose in your notes if the brand is a past/current employer and/or client.
  5. If necessary, obtain permission from your employer to participate in the initiative.
  6. Read these tips before recording your video.
  7. When you are done with the video, upload the video to Dropbox, Google Drive, or your preferred file-sharing platform. Send us the link by email with the subject line “Brand Stories Submission.”
  8. Once we receive your video, it will be prepared and posted across selected INTA social media channels.
    1. We will send you a release form to sign and return.
    2. INTA may or may not display your video on any or all of its channels and reserves all rights.
    3. If, for whatever reason, your video cannot be published, we will notify you and provide further details.

The Association will be accepting Brand Stories submissions through the end of August.

Although every effort has been made to verify the accuracy of this article, readers are urged to check independently on matters of specific concern or interest. 

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