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Memphis, Tennessee–Based and Atlanta, Georgia–Based Lawyers Jointly Win International Trademark Association’s Advancement of Association Objectives Award

Published: November 16, 2022

Miami, Florida—November 15, 2022—The International Trademark Association (INTA) announced that Margaret Baumgartner, Associate General Counsel, Intellectual Property & Product, at Genesys Cloud Services, Inc. (Menlo Park, CA) and Jay Myers, Partner at Seyfarth Shaw LLP (Atlanta, GA) have together won an Advancement of Association Objectives Award.

The Advancement of Association Objectives Award is given to one or more individuals of an INTA member organizations whose participation, efforts, and innovative thinking during the year have advanced (a) substantive trademark and complementary intellectual property law and practice, (b) committee or subcommittee objectives, or (c) the strategic objectives of INTA’s 2022–2025 Strategic Plan.

Ms. Baumgartner and Mr. Myers are both members of the Leadership Development Committee. Together they have used their professional networks to implement the third pillar of the 2022–2025 Strategic Plan—Support the Development of IP Professionals—by securing experienced, professional speakers to help members develop new skills—in particular, the dynamic skills of leadership. Their efforts brought new and accomplished speakers to INTA’s Leadership Labs and Bootcamps. These events were well received and resulted in exciting learning opportunities for the membership and raised the bar for the ways INTA supports its members to pursue excellence in all aspects of their work.

Ms. Baumgartner commented on the pleasure she takes from her efforts: “In winning this award, I am humbled and honored that they felt my contribution impactful. I am happy to be giving back to a greater community that has taught me so much over the years.”

Mr. Myers offered his thoughts on this recognition: “INTA has allowed me to develop and nurture so many friendships with colleagues around the world. While it is no doubt primarily a professional Association, INTA provides so much more than that in terms of personal enrichment, career development, and cultural exposure I would not have otherwise had the benefit of.”

INTA President Zeeger Vink congratulated Ms. Baumgartner and Mr. Myers: “Thanks to the creative and ambitious work of both Ms. Baumgartner and Mr. Myers, they have raised the bar on leadership training for the INTA community, inspiring all of us to bring humor and empathy to the way we lead.”

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