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Renowned India-Based Lawyer Wins International Trademark Association’s Prestigious President’s Award

Published: November 19, 2021

New York, New York―November 19, 2021―The International Trademark Association (INTA) is pleased to announce Pravin Anand, managing partner, Anand and Anand Advocates, New Delhi, Delhi, India, as a recipient of the Association’s 2021 President’s Award.

The global association of brand owners and trademark professionals presents the prestigious award annually to one or more of the most distinguished INTA volunteers for a career dedicated to trademarks and intellectual property (IP) protection and advancement, and contributions that have advanced INTA’s mission and made a lasting impact on the Association.

An IP trailblazer, Mr. Anand has been a practicing attorney since 1979 when he joined Anand and Anand, an extension of the one-room law firm that his grandfather established in 1923. Since, Mr. Anand has expanded the firm to four major cities with 400 professionals. His practice encompasses all areas of IP litigation, including patents, copyright, design, trademarks, enforcement, and dispute resolution.

A dedicated INTA volunteer for decades, he has served on many committees, project teams, and task forces, and on INTA’s Board of Directors from 2006 to 2008.

Mr. Anand’s countless accomplishments include several landmark IP cases which have maintained the protection of creatives and led to extensive growth of India’s IP jurisprudence. Among them are the Ferid Allani case, which paved the way for software patenting in India; the Christian Louboutin case, which protected the famous red sole as a single-color trademark in India; Philips v Amazestore, a landmark judgment on aggravated damages for IP infringers, and many more.

Recent work includes the Tommy Hilfiger Europe case, in which Mr. Anand argued for consumer health and trust in the face of counterfeit personal protective equipment that featured trademarks of well-known brands.

“I am delighted and honored to receive this award! They say sports and music create bonds, but INTA like brands build one big family. Yesterday was my father’s 93rd birthday, and the first greeting came from an INTA friend in Pakistan,” Mr. Pravin said.

“I would like to thank INTA President Tiki Dare, INTA CEO Etienne Sanz de Acedo, Chief Policy Officer Bruce MacPherson, and the other officers of INTA, my partners and professional colleagues, our clients, and my home family for their love, understanding, and support,” he added.

In presenting the President’s Award, INTA President Tiki Dare said, “Mr. Anand’s countless accolades barely scratch the surface of his importance to the intellectual property community both in India and worldwide. With his tireless and invaluable advocacy on behalf of trademark owners, as well as his mentorship and pro bono work, he has done so much for the IP landscape in the last 40 years—truly leaving a legacy. He serves as an inspiration to me and the entire INTA community.”

Ms. Dare presented Mr. Anand with the President’s Award in a video announcement on the closing day of INTA’s 2021 Annual Meeting Virtual+. The Association also announced a second recipient of the 2021 President’s Award:  Iris Quadrio, senior partner, Marval, O’Farrell & Mairal, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Earlier in the week, Ms. Dare recognized the 2021 winners of the INTA Service Awards and the Tomorrow’s Leader Award.

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