Enforcement of IP Rights in Africa

Published: February 8, 2021

Africa and its growing middle class remain a center of attention for intellectual property (IP) right holders and their representatives. Enhanced dialogue involving all stakeholders in Africa on the enforcement of IP rights is critical. With this web series, we will be fostering learning and dialogue on IP enforcement issues.

This series will be presented live over the course of six weeks, starting on February 25, 2021.

This six-part series opens with an overview session focusing on the current economic climate, factors contributing to counterfeiting, and the robust anticounterfeiting activities taking place across Africa.

Subsequent sessions will provide more detailed analysis in each of the four regions of the continent. In the final session, we will hear from local and international actors on the initiatives in the fight against counterfeiting, cross border initiatives, and the importance of international collaborations.

You can purchase a single session or the entire series. In addition, after the live presentations, you can also purchase individual  sessions or the full series on demand.