Committee Reports

Intermediary Liability and Takedown Policies in Asia

Published: November 3, 2021

Prepared by the Digital Asia Subcommittee of the Internet Committee

The Digital Asia Subcommittee of the INTA Internet Committee 2020-2021 research team conducted a survey with practitioners in sixteen Asia-Pacific countries to collect information and provide an analysis regarding intermediary liability and takedown practices. The information gathered through the survey research discusses the general legal framework, including laws governing e-commerce and forthcoming changes in these jurisdictions.

The material also examines the liabilities of intermediaries including e-commerce entities, potential defenses available to them, as well as aspects such as disclosure of user data and takedown policies, obligations, and procedures. The Internal Research and Communications Subcommittee 2020-2021 has collated this research to produce a document intended to provide a quick overview of the position in each of these sixteen countries and general trends followed.