Committee Reports

Letter and Report—INTA Task Force on TTAB Precedential Decisions

Published: November 6, 2019

This letter states INTA’s strong policy in favor of a substantial sustained increase in the number of precedential decisions issued by the TTAB, including particularly precedential decisions that involve multi-issue and factually complex matters, urges the TTAB to make changes that will result in such increase and attaches a report (INTA Report) prepared at the direction of INTA by the INTA Precedential Decisions Task Force.

The INTA Report discusses INTA’s analysis of the issue, including the history of designating TTAB decisions as precedential, a statistical comparison of published U.S. Courts of Appeals opinions and orders, and the numerous important policy reasons for designating TTAB decisions as precedential, and urges the TTAB to consider streamlining the process for designating TTAB decisions as precedential.