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Published: April 5, 2021

Note: This is part of our ongoing series to update brand owners on online service providers’ efforts to curb counterfeiting and represents our collaborative initiatives to fight the proliferation of counterfeit goods online and elsewhere.

Drawing on years of practice,, Inc. (JD) has established integrated measures to prevent intellectual property rights (IPRs) infringement on the company’s e-commerce site,

Potential sellers must meet strict qualification requirements to gain platform access and set up a store. This includes providing business certificates, authorization documents, and IP certificates, for example. This allows JD to fully vet the applicants and select premium sellers and products across industries.

As one of the largest business-to-consumer (B2C) retail platforms in China, continues to develop and implement AI-driven models and systems, utilizing big data to locate high-risk products, and working to stop acts of infringement before illicit products are made available for purchase of the site. AI and big data power the platform’s “Heaven’s Mirror” (天鉴) anticounterfeiting tool. Heaven’s Mirror identifies high-risk products through an analysis of customer comments, image recognition technology, and an automated product identification and monitoring system that recognizes abnormal characteristics.’s IP Protection Platform

In what is perhaps the most effective and economical relief measure taken yet, in January 2015, JD launched its IP Protection Platform through which brand owners can submit take-down requests. Two and half years later, in September 2017, the company set up a specialized brand protection team to deal with counterfeits goods on the site.

The company has also organized a specialized team to deal with IP infringement claims. Accessible through (Chinese version) and (English version), brand owners can file claims via a web-based Notice & Takedown platform. Brand owners should note the following when filing their claims:

  • Infringement claims on of trademark, patent and copyright are accepted
  • Up to 500 listings can be included in one claim
  • IPR certificates are recorded in the system automatically
  • Claimed listings of qualified notices will be taken down within 24 hours
  • Removed listings are prohibited from reappearing
  • User experience is consistently optimized

Brand owners can also contact JD at [email protected] regarding system problems and inquiries during the complaint procedure.

Anticounterfeiting Pilot Purchase Program

Adhering to a “zero tolerance” attitude towards counterfeits, JD is implementing a Pilot Purchase Program to help protect brands and consumers from counterfeit sellers and counterfeit products on

As part of this program the company is, at its own cost, entrusting a third party to conduct notarized purchases of samples from merchants on its platform. The third party will deliver the purchased samples to the address designated by the brand owner for authentication.

If the brand owner confirms existence of counterfeits among on the samples, JD will discuss take-down actions with the brand owner. These actions may be initiated offline by the brand owner or its agency and with assistance from JD. If offline actions are not appropriate, the company will carry out online actions, according to the platform’s rules and regulations.

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Although every effort has been made to verify the accuracy of this article, readers are urged to check independently on matters of specific concern or interest. 

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