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Anticounterfeiting Benchmarking Report

Published: May 4, 2023

Released May 2023

Designed for both in-house and outside council, the Anticounterfeiting Benchmarking Report provides deep insight into brand owners’ anticounterfeiting strategies and resourcing.

Illustrated through personal insights, as well as aggregated data, the Report is also among the first data-driven attempts to quantify the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on counterfeiting and hones in on the impact of the pandemic.

For in-house counsel, brand managers, and other executives in brand-owning companies, the Report is an invaluable resource as they allocate resources to anticounterfeiting activities, and plan and implement their anticounterfeiting strategies.

For law firms and service providers, the Report provides deep insight into how companies are working to address counterfeiting (including allocation of resources and budgets) and working with external resources, and it unveils opportunities to refine service offerings to better suit the needs of brand-owning companies.



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