INTA Research

In-House Practice of the Future—Think Tank Report

Published: November 17, 2020

The International Trademark Association (INTA) launched the In-House Practice of the Future Think Tank (the “IHP Think Tank” or “Think Tank”) in May 2019. The Think Tank comprises a small group of in-house practitioners (the IHP Expert Group). The goal of the IHP Think Tank was to produce an independent, proactive, and thought-provoking report on what the practice might look like 10 years from today.

The future role of an in-house practice is of particular importance to INTA in view of the significant role that in-house practitioners, both lawyers and non-lawyers, play in this brand owner association. INTA is committed to understanding their current and future needs to ensure that it provides support and resources to help them continue to be successful.

The Think Tank examined a variety of issues, including current roles and responsibilities, impact of technology on the practice, core competencies, and obstacles to creating the brand legal team of the future.