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AUSTRALIA: IP Australia Launches World-Leading Image Search for Design Rights

Published: September 1, 2019

Lisa Neilson FB Rice Sydney, Australia INTA Bulletins Committee - Asia-Pacific Subcommittee


Ross Clark Davies Collison Cave Asia Pte. Ltd Singapore

IP Australia officially launched its new design search tool in early July 2019. The tool includes an innovative image search function for searching design rights.

The new Australian Design Search, which replaces Australian Designs Data Searching (ADDS), combines Compumark’s world-leading image search, advanced machine learning, and the latest capabilities in design searching, allowing users to easily find designs filed in Australia.

Previously, searching designs was only possible using keywords or codes. Australian Design Search now enables users to search the Australian designs database using images, numbers, or keywords. It also provides customizable reporting and exporting, which allows users to track and share search results.

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