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PARAGUAY: Trademark Office Moves to Online Platform

Published: August 12, 2020

Lorena Mersan MERSAN, Abogados Asunción, Paraguay Famous and Well-Known Trademarks Committee

Verifier: Wilfrido Fernández Zacarías & Fernández Asunción, Paraguay

The Paraguay National Office of Intellectual Property (DINAPI) has developed an online platform for the filing of trademark applications and renewals.

Called SPRINT – SFE, this platform was launched on April 14, 2020, under Resolution No. 124/2020. Although still undergoing technical adjustments due to some delays with its processing, this tool has significantly simplified the filing process. Trademarks no longer need to be filed in person and in printed format at DINAPI’s office.

With DINAPI’s offices closed due to COVID-19, the SPRINT – SFE system is a result of measures taken by the Paraguayan government in response to the pandemic and provides trademark agents with an online solution.

Currently, this system allows trademark agents to file new trademark applications and renewals electronically, and to pay the official fees online. This implementation is the first step towards DINAPI’s objective of becoming a paperless office.

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