Defining the Legal Leadership of Tomorrow: Vision of a General Counsel

Published: March 17, 2020

Brand & New

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Aurélien Hamelle Group General Counsel, Total Paris, France

General Counsel no longer are limited to a reactive role overseeing legal operations farmed out to law firms, but instead are key members of the corporate decision-making team. This is a major shift that has occurred over the past decades: General Counsel are leaders, innovators, decision makers at the highest levels, far beyond being technicians in the law. They also have to be agile in an ever-evolving environment.

This is part of the discussion with Aurélien Hamelle, Group General Counsel of Total, Paris, France. The French multinational energy company is one of the six supermajor oil companies in the world, with an adjusted net income at US $11.8 billion in 2019, around 100,000 employees, and active in more than 130 countries. Since 2016, Mr. Hamelle has overseen a team of around 500 lawyers at Total, including an important intellectual property department. Previously, he was a regulatory and dispute resolution lawyer with various firms, including being a partner at both Metzner Associés and Allen & Overy.

He will share with us his vision on what the legal leadership of tomorrow means, in terms of relevant skills—from openness to innovation to new perspectives on performance and knowledge management.

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