Employees and Intellectual Property: Risks and Workarounds to Protect Companies’ Intangible Assets

Published: May 26, 2020

Brand & New

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Dr. Adi Gillat Partner, H-F & Co. Tel Aviv, Israel

When security breaches make news headlines, they tend to be about nefarious hackers in another country or a catastrophic failure of technology. However, employees occasionally make mistakes that can pose grave dangers to the organization’s cybersecurity, from emailing valuable data to recipients to misconfiguring assets that enable unwanted access to company information.

Indeed, human mistakes reportedly account for one-fourth to one-third of data and intellectual property breaches within companies. The average cost of inadvertent breaches from human error is estimated to up to $3.5 million annually; that’s without even including breaches resulting from employee willful misconduct.

Our guest, Dr. Adi Gillat, is a founding partner at H-F & Co., based in Tel Aviv, Israel, and leads its IP, IT and Tech-Transactions practice. In this episode, she shares her experience related to security breaches, and to what extent intellectual property (IP) rights are at risk, particularly in the specific context of the COVID-19 pandemic that has impacted all businesses for the last few months.

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